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edge your landscape in colored-glass bottles to infuse your yard with a funky, down-home look. bury the bottles neck down, side-by-side in the soil to use as garden edging. to keep turf or weeds from migrating from your lawn into your beds, sink a sheet of aluminum flashing about 8 inches into the ground alongside the bottles.

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great garden ideas s1 e3 how to make great garden edging gardening stain and seal a 12x12 pine deck using a belt sander how to build a raised vegetable garden - duration: 4:59

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well, if you are that worried by the arsenic in treated pine, you'd also better get your soil checked - levels found in australian soil range from 1 to 50 mg per kilo, so some areas of australia naturally exceed the 30mg per kilo considered safe by the apvma in its recommendation.

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treated pine poles; structural treated pine; primed treated structural timber; garden edging; posts; stair sets . leading sleepers brands at warehouse prices view all brands. paths and landscaping how to create a focal point in your garden a focal point in your garden is a great way to highlight certain features or create a particular mood

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treated pine for vegetable garden. after advice i am building some raised garden beds out of h4 treated pine in one section i am planning putting in a vegie patch someone told me you should not use treated pine for vegie gardens as the chemicals in the pine eventually leech into the soil and are absorbed by the plants is this true

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if you possess vegetable gardens, cottage gardens, rock gardens or any other informal garden, then you should opt for logs and sleeper for edging. pros. soft and attractive look that goes well with a rustic garden design; stable due to large thick logs; easy maintenance; cons. gradual rotting and break down of wood; uncontrollable weeds; slippery when wet

raised vegie garden in treated pine?

is it okay to use standard h4 treated pine for a raised vegie garden or are there question marks about the chemical treatment getting into the food? treated pine garden/playground edging. treated pine for vegetable garden. by patty in forum landscaping, gardening and outdoors replies: 41 last post: 21st nov 2007, 08:43 pm. treated pine

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treated pine timber slabs are a profiled log and create fantastic timber walls, retaining walls, garden beds, vegetable gardens, driveway and garden edging. they are also great for creating a featured look within a retaining wall. our seven trust treated pine slabs are h4 treated pine for above and in-ground use. slabs also provide an ideal structural component for small and large scale landscaping and retaining will applications.

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treated pine for vegie gardens. pine solutions is not a supplier this firm simply facilitates access to the product. pine solutions can be contacted on 13 23 21. the supplier closest to sydney which regularly has acq timber is lm hayter and son, 950 silverwater rd, werombi, nsw; phone 02 4653 1352.

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treated pine sleepers a lifetime under the tracks retirement to your garden. if you have a large area of your garden or lawn to shore up, treated pine sleepers like these make a great choice. you can use them to create walls as well as borders. sleepers tend to be very strong and can last for decades without any further treatment.

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bunnings sells acq treated pine, i know because that is where i got mine for my garden bed. you don't need to treat cut ends unless its more than a few cm under pressure the treatment usually penetrates about 4cm from each side thick on the shortest side.

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modern pressure treated lumber is a safe choice for edging beds in your home vegetable garden. stay tuned for more great gardening ideas. images courtesy slma member christopher kollwitz business development and marketing manager for viance

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on this coastal property, treated pine sleepers were used to define a border between the murraya hedge and buffalo grass. a trench was dug and lengths of timber buried to half their height in the soil, with hardwood stakes positioned in the bed to support the edging. a few runners may work their way under the edging but they are easy to pull out.

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edging materials improve the look of your garden beds, while keeping mulch and soil in and grass and gravel out. but what kind of edging is best? one of the most commonly used materials is treated landscape timbers. they're inexpensive, last a long time and are easy to install. they may be stacked

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treated pine. this timber is lightweight, easy to work with and reasonably durable. it's also very cheap. a 20cm x 5cm piece approximately 2.4 metres long will cost about $15.

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nevertheless, we can still get an idea of how dangerous or safe treated woods usually pine are for growing vegetables because there is a lot of information out there on the process of treating wood and there have been some studies into the take-up of contaminants such as arsenic and lead by vegetable crops.

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well thanks for all the replys people i am still going to go and use the treated pine but to be on the safe side and for a bit of peace of mind i will do what happyhammer did and line the back of it with black plastic good idea i was also going to stain it will the stain i apply help seal the nasties in the treated pine and stop it from leeching out?

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treated pine is an inexpensive and popular type of garden edging. it needs to be h-4 grade, which is suitable for in-ground use. sizes are available from thin, bendable timber to heavy sleepers.

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