easy maintenance synthetic teak boat deck

ace combat 6: fires of liberation

get rid of any targets you may find including small but nasty missile boats. enemy fighters may trail you but they wont be able to shoot you down at that low altitude. certain enemy ships provide esm too so it will be a good idea to destroy them when you have the chance. after thats taken care off, you may now start clearing the targets. one strategy you should do to save time is use the

alien trilogy

- marine private hudson, aliens alien trilogy is a first person shoot 'em up developed by probe software and acclaim entertainment ltd. it is based very loosely on the first three alien films and was released on saturn and playstation in 1996. i don't know when the pc version was released you play lt. ripley, a marine assigned to investigate the sudden loss of contact with the colony on

lost odyssey

walk north down the platform and steal the boat yet another xd jansen moment here. you are now controlling the slantnose. pretty easy to control. cruise around, and head north east to the glowing white dot. welcome to tosca village. <<<<< x. tosca village tosc >>>>> 4 seeds seal blocker gamble magic-powered locator lv. 1 seths dream part 1 is pretty cool, and is one of the only dreams to

alien: isolation

pick up the maintenance jack, listen to the audio recorder and then collect the first id card you can find in the game. if you find all 50 of them, you will get an achievement, 'the taken'. archive log 014 dead soldiers name id z. watson 6132 remove the brace on the door and get out of the cell. exit the evidence lock-up, then remove the brace on the door in the

latest helpers for snow and ice removal

easy-glide pivot wheels make the snow joe ultra easy to turn and maneuver on each pass. the scraper blade at the base of the unit efficiently scrapes the snow clear to the pavement. like the snow

lost odyssey

that, thankfully, takes care of everything you can do in the tavern. so leave and head off-screen to the north. that's the way to gongora's mansion. as soon as you appear on this screen, check the poster in front of you and on the right for 100g before heading around the next corner. there, on the gray barrier you'll see another poster. it hides a seed . take it and head up onto the

star ocean: the last hope

if you don't care about how many endings you get, then ignore this and do whatever you want. when you're finished, examine the center console on the flight deck to get to the next planet. after the scene, go back into the calnus; there are several private actions available. these private actions are activated by speaking with each of your party members except faize. -lymle in the recreation

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