cost per foot fence comparison

what will a new fence cost this year?

the estimated $1,947.75/quarter mile cost of a 5-wire barbed-wire fence takes into account the following: 4 8-inch wood posts $28 apiece 57 4-inch wood posts $9 apiece 55 6 1/2-foot steel posts $5 apiece 10 pounds staples and clips $1.80/pound 6,600 feet 12-gauge barbed wire $0.06/foot 39 hours labor $16.25/hour

compare seven trust and seven trusts vinyl privacy fence

true price per ft, total. $14.95 often tax free* $16.79 plus tax. $16.71 plus tax. true price 100ft, job $1495.00 often tax free* $1679.00 plus tax. $1671.00 plus tax. true price per section 8ft $119.40. $134.32 plus tax. $133.68 plus tax. price per panel. $94.66 included 6 x 8. $49.00 6 x 6 ft separate. $49.00 6 x 6 ft separate. price per post. $23.30 included

2019 aluminum and steel fence costs installation per foot

aluminum or steel fence costs the national average to install an aluminum or steel fence is about $3,600.most homeowners pay between $2,071 and $5,173, with high-end expenses reaching up to $8,000. material expenses are $7 to $60 per foot, while labor ranges from $10 to $30 per foot.

2019 aluminum and steel fence costs installation per foot

a galvanized fence costs between $3,000 and $3,500 per 100 feet. basic material prices generally range from $7 to $10 per linear foot. posts are $30 to $60 a piece , while gates are $300 to $2,500, depending on purpose.

cost to have a 5 strain high tensile fence bulit

the costs savings sure is not there for me. $5.50 per 5'x6.5' wood post compared to $3.50-3.75 for 6' t posts. i would still make your corners 8 foot wood post, you don't need h braces in the straight run but i would set a wood post every so often.

2019 fencing prices fence cost estimator per foot and per

a new fence costs a minimum of $1 and a maximum of $44 per foot with most homeowners spending $10 to $18 per linear foot for materials and installation. a wood picket fence costs $10 to $14 per foot , while a privacy fence ranges from $13 to $19 , and a vinyl fence runs $15 to $30 .

wood vs vinyl fence

this usually includes the cost of installation, but a difficult install may increase the costs by $25 to $50 an hour. so a typical 6-foot privacy fence will cost around $6,500 to $10,000 for 209 yards of fencing. vinyl fences have a similar range of costs, mostly due to the style of the fence rather than the material.

cost to install an aluminum fence

however, if you choose to change the color of the fence or paint an unfinished aluminum fence, this will cost around $10 per linear foot 1 on average. additional considerations and costs if your yard has a slope or difficult grade, or if there are obstructions such as rocks or trees, there will be an increase in the costs to install your fence.

compare dog fence costs, wired and wireless 2019

the average cost for invisible or wireless fencing is around $350 for diy installation and an average sized area. to hire a fencing pro, a 500 linear foot wired invisible dog fence installed cost is around $1,250 or $8 per linear foot.

fence and wall cost comparison

cost: ranging anywhere from $14 $40 per square foot depending on height, size of concrete block used, type of concrete block, with installation or without. brick pros: strong and durable, low maintenance, fire resistant, and design flexibility, aesthetically pleasing

costs and prices of stack wall precast concrete fence

it can be anywhere from $15 to $35 a linear foot. then vinyl, i'm assuming it's about $25 a linear foot, which really it's not too far off from our prices and you can compare plastic to concrete.

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