suggestions for floor covering on a balcony


climb the pipe to the top and remove the vent cover from the wall at the end of the small hallway. continue through here and across the next walkway to the right on the right. as you proceed to the right, look out for a hatch on the floor that we can open to drop down to a lower level.

the last of the drugs

at the front of the building on the second floor will be ripper on the balcony. kill it before heading downstairs. you'll want to wait for the patrolling ripper to come by the ripper on the porch. wait for it to leave, then kill the one on the porch before proceeding to kill the patrolling ripper. with them out of the way, head back to the ripper you spotted standing by the road earlier. take

today trailers and videos tv guide

boy thrown from mall of america balcony is alert and conscious 01:33 the 5-year-old boy who plunged nearly 40 feet from a third floor balcony at the mall of america is showing signs of

max payne 2: the fall of max payne

the final two are on the balcony in the se and sw corners * painkillers: 3 in a box nw 3 in a box ne 3 in a box w 3 in a box on balcony s * extra ammo: no extra ammo on this level * ammo boxes: one central one se one on balcony s * area tips: this is a difficult area due to the lack of cover and it being very small. all the pillars are too small to hide behind. the best place to go is on to

james bond 007: everything or nothing walkthrough

additionally another bond moment can be picked up if bond shoots the two enemies on the balcony above, in such a way that causes them to fall to the floor. with the room cleared have bond head


on the second floor, cross the large gap in the floor using the pipes, and go into the elevator shaft to the left. the card is in there. 4. after jumping down the elevator shaft, grind the pipe to cross the gap. jump on top of the mound on the right side and through the hole in the ceiling. the card is on the ledge. 5. this card is in the same spot as the last, just check the ledge. 6. after

the last guardian

hop across the damaged floor on the balcony to reach a hallway that leads inside the building. follow the hallway as it curls around, and it will lead you to a spiral staircase inside the building. you can see a suit of armor waiting for you just a ways up the stairs. as you make your way up the stairs, the armor predictably comes after you.

call of duty: modern warfare 3

inside the stock exchange, head up the escalator to the trading floor. the trading floor is very busy and dangerous. feel free to make liberal use of grenades and make your way up the left side of the trading floor so that you only have to watch ahead and your right flank. use the trading stations for cover. when you make it to the back of the room, climb up the stairs in the back. once you

killzone 2 walkthrough

after dropping, take cover by the door and get ready to target the enemies beyond, including one annoying fellow on the ground floor, as well as others on the walkway and in the windows ahead

mall of america boy thrown from balcony fights 'courageous

donations and prayers for his recovery poured in around the country for a 5-year-old boy who is fighting a 'courageous battle' after being thrown from a third-floor balcony at the mall of

escape from naboo

drop down below you to find a balcony with shiny windows. use a thermal detonator on those, then use the force on the painting inside to find this one. use a thermal detonator on those, then use the force on the painting inside to find this one.

assassin's creed unity

enter the home and stay a few steps in front of marianne as you proceed up each floor, allowing you to get quick cover kills. finish off any stragglers and let marianne examine something on each floor for some more story. once you reach the top floor and she examines the nightstand you will complete the mission.

god of war saga faq/walkthrough for playstation 3 by

you can alternate from balcony to balcony to avoid its pound attacks and then attack it while it turns around. when enough damage is dealt when it reels in pain three times , the colossus will keel over on the other balcony and a circle button will appear above its arm. quickly make your way to the arm and then press the button to begin the kill sequence. you then have to press the buttons

call of duty: modern warfare remastered -- 'shock and awe

this is your chance to take out al-assad and end the fight in the 'shock and awe' mission from call of duty: modern warfare remastered.

assassin's creed unity

make your way through crowd while moving to the left till you can climb up the window into the building, wait for the guard to move before moving into the next room, wait for guard after the cover to move and then use swap cover to get by and out the window, make your way to the left and jump into the next room. follow elise till you reach the room and get the cutscene, after the scene, drop


1 take the veil ladder on the western side of the horse statue courtyard by the bmsh , then follow the walkway south and west to a balcony, $250. nearby: 8 9 1 2 2 down in the sewer where you exit the train station mission, east of the manhole cover in a corner, $500. 3 follow the southern sewer to it's northern exit an alley on the southeast side of town . make your way out to

are we kidding ourselves that joe biden won't be the

slyflyt posted whiskeydisk posted creepy uncle joe was a walking gaffe machine as obama's veep. case in point: 'i said, 'jill, if there's ever a problem, just walk out on the balcony here, walk out and put that double-barrel shotgun and fire two blasts outside the house,'' biden said.

wanted: weapons of fate

take cover on the main balcony area down the stairs to be assaulted by a large wave of foes from the other end. use curved shots to make life easier, then move in and finish off the stragglers with melee moves. head along the bridge to the right and move down the right side to flank the enemy, then take him out with a knife to the throat. move up the stairs to see a scene. you will now have to

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