composite planks for benches

shizou heiwajima durarara vs. superboy young justice

- composite feats for shizou- superboy from season 2- no morals- bloodlust on- fight to the death- fight takes place in an abandoned city- who wins?

okay, so how powerful is batman really?

the current bench press record is a little more than 1000 pounds, it's true, but is a gear bench press, not a raw. of course push over than 1000 pounds, shirtless, without a helper, like it were

2v2 cav: sora and sonic vs thor and dr. strange

if composite sonic includes his archie comics then strange is screwed and thor is a complete non factor. so the real fight would be between sora and strange. i'm a total kh fanatic who has all the

mr. satan dbz vs bruce wayne

bruce isnt the best fighter in dc, thatd definitely be karate kid. that said, this isnt an easy fight, which is hilarious because mr. satan is such a jerk.

how strong is captain america?

all his showings included, comics, tv shows, etc. how much do you think he can bench?obviously he's a tonner, but what is the most he's capable of?

peakest human vs. batman

this is not a composite human a person with the strength and speed of everyone on earth combined .this is a peakest human you take the best strength feat for lifting from the person who has

cav: composite sentry vs ssb goku closed

thanos has never bench pressed a planet, yet it is unanimously agreed that he is stronger than superman. goku hits much harder than sentry by a large margin, so i'm not worried about the strength

superman vs the doctor

we know for a fact that superman can bench 5.62 sextillion tonnes for five days without stopping, but aren't all of the doctor's feats pis? like, does he have an ability that isn't 'building plot

summer jam notebook: jalen brunson pushing for five-star

jalen brunson is making a case for one of the five best point guards in the class of 2015, while justin tillman and zach haney are figuring out their recruitments.

how much can the following mcu characters bench press

based it off a 5rep max because that's easier to judge for me. i'm probably off a lot on the enhanced people they are very hard to judge i sorta scaled from the actual max bench press for a human

composite goku vs superman

answers boards community contribute games whats new composite goku vs superman dragon ball - general this is a split board - you can return to the split list for other boards.

marantz sr6004 specs

7.1 channel audio line-in, hdmi input, hdmi output, s-video input, spdif input, spdif output, usb, audio line-in, audio line-out, component video input, component video output, composite video

batman vs captain america

but where exactly does batman chuck a 100lb of concrete metal composite 20 feet into the air high as the power lines and having it travel at a velocity where it has enough momentum to take out

spiderman vs darth sidious

erm, sort of did that with the scans of spiderman bench-pressing buildings and lifting trains. the only possible rebuttal from you is either dismissing them as outliers or powerscalling palpatine up.

flash vs superman new 52

if superman bench presses the earth which is 5 times the size off the moon you bet your ass he could move the moon with one hand. the surface of the moon is the size of asia but the weight of the

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