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pioneer square is a ninety acre historic district, devoted to art, history, culture and entertainment. here you will find a park service museum, an observation tower and a vintage streetcar, in addition to many of seattles bookstores, and quite a few art galleries, coffee shops, and restaurants.

pioneer square totem pole, pioneer building, and pergola

their origins differ- built on the site of the home of a founding father of seattle 1892 , constructed as a place to wait for a street car 1909 , stolen from alaska 1790 , respectively. time has altered the pioneer building, pergola, and the totem pole, just as it has seattle. pioneer square in 1899.

seattles pioneer square: history in photos

the big, bricky box south of downtown is occidental square. pioneer square is the triangle a block farther north at yesler way and first avenue with the green metal pergola.

pioneer square-skid road historic district

the pioneer square-skid road historic district is roughly bounded by columbia street, elliot bay, second avenue south, fourth avenue south and fifth avenue north. today the area's appearance traces its roots to two major, life-altering events in seattle history.

iron pergola in pioneer square

in the heart of pioneer square, the land from which seattle's industrial base grew, stand the iron pergola and the tlingit indian totem pole. this property was originally the site of the city's first mill, built in 1853 by henry yesler.

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pioneer square garage, aka sinking ship, on site of the occidental hotel and later the seattle hotel, 1980s. photo by paul dorpat. remains of the collapsed pioneer square pergola, seattle, january 15, 2001. photo by alan stein

pioneer square pergola

the neighborhood takes its name from a small triangular plaza near the corner of first avenue and yesler way, originally known as pioneer place. one of the prominent features of this plaza is the pioneer square pergola which was erected in 1909. the iron pergola was originally built as a stop for the yesler and james street cable car company.

15th anniversary of pioneer square pergola restoration

pioneer squares national landmark nestled on the corner of 1 st ave and yesler way has stood the test of time and a few crashes. today, we celebrate the 15 th anniversary of its unintentional demolition back in 2001. in the early hours of january 15, 2001, a commercial vehicle didnt clear the corner and struck the pergola.

pioneer square visit seattle

bill speidels underground tour has uncovered seattles history since 1965. todays pioneer square is built atop the remnants of pre-1889 seattle. tours wind through the underground nooks and crannies of the old city. urban town square occidental park provides a breath of fresh air thanks to rotating outdoor art installations.

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seattle historical sites. new search. search results for sites in neighborhood pioneer square : address: pioneer square hotel: view: 123 s jackson st s : seattle transfer company/ scientific supplies: jackson square building: pioneer pl : pergola/ comfort station: pergola: view: 568 1st ave : provident building: provident building: view:

pioneer square, seattle

in addition to the totem pole, a wrought-iron victorian pergola designed by julian f. everett pioneer square pergola , originally known as a comfort station and highly touted in tourism marketing, and a bust of chief seattle were added to the park in 1909.

pioneer square

pioneer square - the heart of old seattle - is the place to to go experience seattle's early history. turn-of-the-century street lamps line the square. a tlingit totem pole towers up beside a drinking fountain fitted with a bust of chief seattle.

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the pioneer place park and pergola pioneer square pioneer place park was established in 1893 in the triangular space left over from the street widening and re-platting following the 1889 fire.

the endangered pergola of pioneer square where's my

so here is one of my favourite downtown features, right in the heart of pioneer square. the pergola, boasting 65,000 pounds of iron, was erected in 1909 as a shelter for a stop on the yesler and james street cable car company.


long description: visitors to the historic pioneer square are surrounded with many historical buildings and structures, many of which contain plaques and monuments strategically placed throughout the square to attest to this plaza's volatile history over the decades. the pioneer square pergola is one of those structures that stands out amongst the surrounding buildings and bustling activity.

the pioneer square pergola historical marker

the pioneer square pergola national historic landmark marker this marker resides in front of the pioneer building and designates the pioneer building, the pergola and nearby totem pole as national historic landmarks.

pioneer square pergola

the pioneer square pergola is a cast iron and glass pergola in pioneer square, a park in downtown seattle, washington, united states. it was built in 1909 to shelter passengers waiting for cable cars on the james street and yesler way lines. the pergola is located at the intersection of 1st avenue and yesler way, and was designated a national historic landmark in 1977 alongside the adjacent pioneer building and totem pole. the structure originally included an underground public bathroom that was

pioneer square seattle

pioneer square. this is a gritty, interesting area near the stadiums. it is filled with galleries, restaurants and bars, along with some good little parks. while there are a lot of homeless people, that is hardly a reason to ignore this area.

historic pergola in pioneer square architecture photos

the beautiful iron pergola at pioneer square in seattle. designed by seattle architect julian everett, it was erected in 1909 as a stop for the yesler and james street cable car company, and restored in 1972.

alaskan way viaduct history

about us. e-mail: viaduct phone: 1-888-awv-line / 1-888-298-5463 this site is dedicated to the history of seattle's downtown and waterfront, especially the state route 99 / alaskan way viaduct corridor.

pioneer square

pioneer square, march 17, 1917. in the upper-right is the smith tower. below it is the seattle hotel. on the left are the pioneer building and the pergola.

the pergola

the pergola is an outstanding landmark in pioneer square. it was originally built as a shelter for the yesler and james st. cable car co. it's located at the intersection of james st. yesler way, and 1st ave. it is made of cast iron and glass.

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