attaching rafters to pergola

attaching to your fascia board

pergola lattice installation the alumawood pergola lattice covers attach directly to your homes fascia board, fascia board does need to be at least two inches thick, the rafters are available in two heights, 6 1/2' and 8', most kits are 6 1/2' and you need to verify there is enough room for the rafters to attach to your fascia board.

how to attach a patio roof to an existing house and 10

steps: using lag bolts and a screwdriver, fasten the base of the posts to the ground. you have to make sure that they sit plumb. make a cutting on one of the sides of the horizontal roof beam on an angle. you have to do it thoroughly so that the rafters sit flush on it. attach the horizontal beam by using a nail gun.

how to build a pergola

spacing of the rafters will vary according to your visual preference and the size of the pergola. spacing the rafters 16 to 20 inches apart is common. the most important rule in spacing is to keep the distance consistent between all the rafters. install the front and rear rafters first, fastening them to the face of the support posts above the girder.


pergola - attaching rafters to beams? i am just planning my pergola. while looking at photos of pergolas i see many in which i cannot ascertain how the rafters are attached to the beams. they are not notched and there are no joist hangers evident.

how to easily attach a pergola to your house

how to attach a pergola. another way to attach a pergola to your home is by using a ledger board that you can attach to your homes wall. use galvanized or stainless steel screws to attach it securely to the wall and then run the rafters from the ledger board to the beam on the other side that is supported by the posts placed as normal.

step 6

mike lovewell explains how to install your pergola rafters to the already installed beams. step 6 - attach rafters to beam heartland pergolas. how to build a pergola attached to your house

attachment of pergola to shingle roof???

i am building a timber framed pergola and i am at a loss on how to attach it to the existing 6/12 shingled roof. any ledger i put up will act like a dam, but if i don't put a ledger up i will be just timberlocking the timber to 5/8 osb. what is the span of the roof rafters? what size are the roof rafters? have you considered what you are

10x10 pergola plans

use rafter ties to secure the rafters to the support beams. fitting the top slats in order to create the actual shade to the pergola, you should attach the 1×2 slats to the top of the structure.

attaching a ledger to brick walls requires the best methods

building a pergola is a wonderful home improvement and financing project, it is perhaps the quickest way to transform the look of your home and make the most of your outdoor living space - and if you live in a brick house your build can start simply by attaching a ledger to brick the right way. enjoy your construction

to toenail, or not to toenail that is the question

re: to toenail, or not to toenail that is the question pergola building date: november 24, 2008 03:02pm. even with notched rafters they still have to be fastened usually by toenailing. if you were on the east coast and within x miles of shore metal tie-down fasteners may be required even on an open pergola frame.

how to build a pergola attached to house hunker

step 8. install the rafters. place one end of the rafter into the joist holder. the other end of the rafter should go through hurricane tie so that it sits on top of the beams. a short overhang is best. screw the rafter in place. do this for each rafter.

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