over the fence flower box holders

l.a. noire

take the silver pipe on the top left and place it to the left of the previous pipe it should connect the box to the above area . take the other silver pipe and connect it at the far left area the pipe should connect the ground to the bottom box . lastly, take the last pipe and connect it to the final bronze insertion point, leaving a blank space on the right where the missing pipe cole found

super mario world: super mario advance 2

jump over the dino, and jump onto the middle block, then into the ? block to receive a powerup fire flower if you are super mario, mushroom if you are small mario . head right. ignore or fireball :p the next two dinos, and jump onto the platform to dodge yet another giant bullet bill if you wanna get cocky, jump on him as he goes to the left of you . watch the pipe for a piranha plant, and

penny arcade adventures: episode two

just before running into the two fruit fuckers in the path you might like to click on the lemonade stand behind the fence to collect concept art 10. then fight those harvest buddies for 120 spare parts. move on up the steps to the front of a building labelled 'the conveyalator' where there stands a pair of evil architects to kill. they're weak to your normal attacks so it should be an easy

the orange box

below, look for a lambda symbol on a fence, and use the upper position to jump over it and find a nice cache behind. the real way to go is the planks at the winch's top, though. the refugee -- father grigori -- introduces himself here before leaving. get a move on' through the house nearby, which has a few headcrabs and zombies in it, until coming to a balcony overlooking a street. step on the

never had a dream like this before

meanwhile the other branches crushed my fence in the front, and my neighbors fence to the left. i walk up to the car hoping the windshield isn't broken and i'm just seeing things, since my dad will be really upset if so. i'm hopeful for a moment when i walk around the front of the car and see dirt on the windshield but no, it broke.

goat simulator

box pusher. location 1: on the bounce from the second trampoline swimming pool over the fence in the opposite direction from the construction site to land on the trampoline close to the houses here. bounce from the fourth trampoline, directly across the street to the trampoline by the house adjacent to the pen in which we started the level. once you hit the fifth trampoline the achievement

disney's meet the robinsons

climb the box you pushed over the ledge and climb onto the ledge. use the aid station if necessary and that jump over the gap on the right side of the ledge to the top of the block with the smaller block on it. push the smaller block off of the block your on. jump over the gap to the platform with the anthill on it. one of the fire breathing ants should emerge from it, scan it *scan 84

indigo prophecy

now follow the fence further to the left until you come to a hole in the fence. go through and breath for a second. a lorry will be coming out of one of the hangars. use it for cover and move along with it to the right. once past the guard cross the street and run over to the hangar your brother went to. crawl in and prepare for a timer to start. try to find as many kids as possible before the


once you grab it, go west and over the ledge, then south and over another to find a dire hit. finally, go south and through the lit doorway to find route 46. finally, go south and through the lit doorway to find route 46.


swing over the fence and make your way through the electricity and door. go up the stairs and enter the door. sneak out past the guard and go down the stairs. enter the double doors. nullify the drone and the security camera. use your visor and enter the doors. pick the guard's pocket for item 19 lighter. use the vending machine to sneak past him and hack open the door. enter. attach your

lego harry potter: years 1-4

the flower ingredient is on the edge among the other flowers. add it to the potion. the red spider is behind the lego book case on the right balcony. shoot the shelves to reveal it, then add it to the potion. walk through the now open door to the next screen.

paper mario: sticker star

if you have three ice/fire flowers, you can paperize and place them there to get three ice flowers , three fire flowers and an hp-up heart . head up a bit to slip behind the last set of bushes. continue all the way to the left to find a hidden grove with a hopslipper , a shiny fire flower , and a few coins. return back out and take the northern path. defeat the goomba in this area

buffy the vampire slayer

just jump over a box and then work your way inside the hole. keep jumping to make good time so another box doesn't get in your way. 13b shipping health crystal, power crystal 1 when you go down stairs into the break room area, the smaller, kitchen room has a health crystal under the sink. the cabinet is open a little and you can easily see the thing glowing. pick it up once you have broken

resident evil hd remaster

if you can get around them frequently through the games, then you can conserve ammo and avoid many trips to the item box. unlike resident evil zero, items can only be swapped and accessed in the item box. conserve ammo ***** resident evil is hard. it is easy to use up a lot of ammo. the tyrant, and hunters require a lot of ammo. to conserve ammo throughout the game, strictly use your handgun

conker: live and reloaded

jump down and go up the hill past the stomping and jumping metal boxes. jump over the gate to the cheese corral to collect a swarm of bees in the center of the ranch. leave the cheese ranch and jump down the hill to the ravine. take out some imps to reach a metal gate to find the last swarm of bees. return to the flower and unleash the ticklish bees on her. she's overwhelmed and uncovers her

leisure suit larry 6: shape up or slip out

back in the lobby, 'use/pick up' the key deposit box to the left of the desk, and you will pull out a random room key 2 . let's go ahead and check out your hotel accomodations. walk up the stairs to the right of the desk, and you'll see room 201 next to the ice machine. use the room key you got from gammie on the door 5 and enter. on the nearby yellow table are several items. pick up the

lego harry potter: years 1-4

wl the purple box on the shelf by the door onto the purple pan of the scale to get outside and to the next screen. stud hunters - get the blue studs hidden along the counter. blow apart the stack of candies left of the trap door.

lego star wars ii: the original trilogy

start with tall box, medium box and short box, then use the force to unfold all. go up, destory object and build lego pieces to made a platform, and use the force to make another platform to across. then close the pipe end switch to r2-d2 and float to other side and use the switcher to make a bridge. lastly use c-3po to open the door to next area. go down, close two pipe ends and slay all

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