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grand theft auto: san andreas

if you run out of ammo, there's a rocket launcher up there, and if you run out of health, there's a health icon up there as well, next to a parachute. in any case, take down all five choppers and start driving to the pickup. when you get there, look over into the sea. see the helicopter? yea, take that. it's a sea sparrow hit l1 for a minigun , and will get you there fast. unfortunately

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' add a personalized welcome to your porch or entryway with this monogrammed doormat, each one made from natural coconut fiber and finished with a striped border.

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complete with a bar cart, glassware essentials, and all the tools you need, this list will inspire you to be the hostess with the mostest. serve up your favorite go-to drinks, or check out these cocktail recipes to try something new .


sneak out of the kitchen and go to the middle of the stairs leading to the 2nd floor. wait until tomoko goes to her room and sits by her desk. now ascend the stairs and open the door to the boarder's room. don't go there but sneak past tomoko's room to the bedroom door. unlock it and you get a new aim: escape through the gate. before doing that there are a couple of items you should collect

this old house

made-in-the-u.s.a. windows arrive by air freight on the site, where the council planner has given the volgers three design options for making their front facade acceptable.

it's christopher seven trustll

christopher constructs a cardboard valance, then tours the completed girl's room pointing out how different space saving ideas are incorporated into it. he also shows the sketch boards he used to

silent hill: downpour

head out into the hallway and enter room 204 to find a makeshift ladder to the third floor. be sure to check out the desk here to find the rett cairn card before heading up once you climb up you will find another map. make your way around the room to a desk with a first aid kit and then you'll have to balance on some burnt beams while doll's play around below. just focus on your balance

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enjoy this beautifully designed, park bench that adds elegance to your garden, yard, terrace, or patio. it is classically inspired, and compliments the decor of your home or office, indoors or outdoors.

grand theft auto: san andreas

he finds out that the car has a delayed-time bomb so that he can get out of the factory. - go to the factory and snipe the guards at the gate. more guards come out for you to deal with. once they are cleared out, go into the compound. - head through the compound and turn right. there is a ramp for you to drive

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constructed with solid steel frame, durable and sturdy strong, sturdy and comfortable to seat ergonomic seating designwith armrestfour solid legs provided safe place to sit and relaxmodern style fits with any backyard or homeperfect for garden, park, deck, porch, backyard or pools

resident evil 4

a blinking beacon light shows hunk that he has to get to the second floor roof of the rpd precinct house in order to be airlifted out. hunk takes off up the stairs. between this stealthy agent and his goal is a small army of the evil dead. zombies plague his flight, along with giant spiders, killer dogs, and slithering botanical experiments. he has only a limited amount of ammunition, and must

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the lava morocco stool is a trendy, new-age seating solution for a counter, bar or table. the stool has a modern ikat design that is perfect for adding a splash of pattern and color to your space.

the sims 2

aspiration points 500 icon target sim with a small red love heart ***** *go out with * ***** description 'some teens need to get out of the house and have some fun. to have your sim go out, click on an older relative and choose 'ask permission to go out'. if your sim gets permission, click on the phone and choose 'go out'. if you're turned down, improve your relationship with the older

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the faux floor with red tile image is the easiest way to add the illusion of depth or texture to any home space.faux floor - red tile features:*made with pride in the usa.*safe to machine wash.*available in medium, large, area and runner sizes.*made from neoprene and polyester; non-slip and color-fast. read more

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