wall panel lifting clamp

dead space 3

there are container x3 in the area left wall, right wall, back by door and a door in the back we can't get to yet. to the left of the door, search by the pillars to find a unitologist artifact . ride the cargo lift up like the want you to and you'll find another area full of obstacles. another stalker attack awaits you here but so do some enhanced slashers. retreat back to the lift


sneak back to the main lift. open the panel on the left. make sure the clamps are out of the way. insert the connector chip. close the clamps. close the panel. use the closed panel to open the doors to the elevator. quickly get into the elevator, turn around, and press the maintenance button on the left. of course the elevator breaks down. look at the floor and open the hatch. grab onto the

black the fall

move to the right to see an orange panel on the wall. position the robot beneath this and interact with it to turn it into a block. whilst standing on the robot, interact with the orange panel to open it. re-activate the robot and have it attach to the now open panel. jump up onto the robot and then to the roof to continue.

gremlins world

gold brick 13: use the disguise panel in front of a house to grab a cat disguise, then use the panel by the house to open the door. head inside, then destroy the silver objects to reveal lego pieces. build them into a chair lift, then scan to reveal a grapple point, then use it to reveal a lever. pull it to reveal this.

need help deciding about a camcorder

this clamp has wide jaws and can easily be mounted to the back of a seat, for example. i fix a pan/tilt head onto it and i have a stable camera mount without tripod or monopod. the options for

the battle for times square

step on the button to raise a lift, then repair the bus tire. use the tech panel to fill the bus with gas. complete all three tasks to reveal lego pieces in the base dimension. travel to the pink dimension, then destroy the gold objects to reveal lego pieces. build them into a treadmill, then use it to raise patty up to the ledge. smash the cracked block to reveal lego pieces. build them into

dead space walkthrough

once off the lift, regrab the power block from the wall, then carry it back to the original outlet you got it from, in the room just across from the one you're in now. watch out for the flames as

robots and humans work in harmony at nissan's uk plant

the tour begins here. these heavy steel doors lead onto the factory floor. safety gear is a must, and i had to wear ear defenders at all times.

dead space 2 walkthrough

enter the control room to the right to find a fuse panel on the left wall. however, you can grab a fresh fuse from the right wall to fix the problem. however, you can grab a fresh fuse from the

return to ringworld

take the elevator down to level 5, then push the panel that's leaning on the wall and take the clamp behind it. take a wire from the bunch sticking out of the panel near the right door, then enter the left door to reach the autodoc. use the small console at the back of the room to find a comscanner, take it and exit the room. use the elevator to go up to the bridge now. talk to either miranda

the longest journey

clamp after lowering the water pressure outside of the border house, the clamp can be removed from the pipe. it is combined with the clothesline, and is then used with the rubber ducky to get the key on the track. clothesline after the seagull has been given the bread, the chain is pulled to receive the clothesline. it is combined with the clamp in the inventory. diary found on top of the desk

the longest journey

take the clamp off the pipe and then take the gold ring back and leave the close-up view. talk to cortez, a strange old man who is sitting on the bench. when youre done talking to him, leave and head to the academy. it can be reached by first going to the bridges, then to the park, and heading in the same direction that april is facing. once at the academy, go upstairs and take the

the legend of zelda: twilight princess walkthrough

the easiest way to proceed is to head to the edge of the metallic disc that youre fighting on and clamp down with your iron boots to prevent you from sliding off. the goron will approach you

character creation contest 60- space horror

the lift ride back to the top floor grew more uncomfortable with every floor it passed as the heat rose. veronica had grabbed a portable refrigeration pistol, designed to keep deliveries cool, on

power girl, in: can't catch a break one shot

large panel of power girl flying full force into the monster, lifting it up off its feet. terra is in the background, standing atop a hovering chunk of earth and pumping her fist in the air excitedly.

headhunter: redemption

take notice of the crates it's lifting up in the distance. - go all the way back across the narrow ledges and follow the path down the stairs that are found after the tool storage room. - continue down this walkway and you can either go over the boxes that you come to or go across the bridge to your left. continue down the next walkway and go down the stairs. - continue along this walkway and

the final showdown ghostbusters 2016

destroy the gold clamp to the left of the 'the minifigs' sign to reveal a grapple point. use it to pull down the ladder, then climb up. head to the right and climb the other ladder, then continue to the right. grapple up, then push the box off the ledge to reveal lego pieces. build them into a ladder, then climb up. repair the console on the lift, then use the super strength handle to reveal


the illusionists. after getting your collectible, go out the lit door, down the alley, and through the gate didi opens for you. across the street, didi waits in front of a wooden wall with a 'caution' sign.

black the fall

drop to the platform below the lift to find a control panel and a button on a wall. interact with the left-hand panel to insert your control device into the machine, turning it into a laser device. use the wheel beside this to direct the laser to the button on the wall to the left. this will open a small door, allowing you to reach a bicycle inside. hop on the bicycle and use it to transport

surprising uses for household items

real simple suggests that you clamp the nail in a clothespin and then position it on the wall; use the pin to steady the nail as you hammer away. the traditional wooden pins come cheap -- a pack

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