plastic deck board vs wood

best cutting boards

i do think the wood boards have been shown to be self cleaning as far as bacteria goes, bacteria counts go way down in minutes, of course you do need to wash the excess food crud off occaionally, i use dish soap at the sink and dry with a paper towel and ready to go again. the plastic boards do need to be disinfected. not sure about bamboo

which is the best wood cutting board?

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my rubber cutting board experience sani-tuff

i kept seeing these rubber cutting boards in restaurant supply stores, but not in regular departmental stores. i wanted a new cutting board. although my large round chopping block is fine, it is more than 4.5 inch thick and when i use a wide blade knife like a chinese chefs knife, my hand will be above my elbow and that is non-ergonomic.

appropriate cutting board for japanese knife?

end grain wood > edge grain wood lengthwise grain > rubber = wood fiber composites > plastic > some bamboo boards > other bamboo boards >>>>> glass = marble by far the biggest jump is from glass and marble boards to the others.

is there any way to keep plastic cutting boards from warping?

i keep my plastic cutting boards in place on my countertop with an architec gripper mat, but when so little of the board makes contact with the mat due to the board's warping, the board still moves on the countertop when i'm trying to cut.

cutting board

i am moving into my brand new house next month and i'd like to upgrade my large wood cutting board. my cabinets are walnut, so i was thinking a walnut board would look nice. but then i figured my cabinets are walnut, so i was thinking a walnut board would look nice.

which is the best wood cutting board?

i've used plastic cutting board all my life. i want to switch over to the best wood cutting board. any suggestions? any good web sites out there that does a good comparision of various wood cutting boards?

cutting board for chicken and other meat

whether you prefer plastic or wood cutting boards, they still need to be sanitized after each use, a plastic cutting board can be sanitized in the dishwasher, if it will fit. wooden cutting boards and plastic's which are to big for the dishwasher must be cleaned by hand. rinse the board under hot running water, use a dough scrapper or putty knife to remove any meat or other detritus thats

how to fix a warped cutting board?

steam is used to shape wood - maybe you could set up a vaporizer and the board on a rack so all surfaces are exposed inside a sealed plastic bag.

where do you put your cutting board?

that is, the cutting boards are upright from the floor in that space. i'm wondering, what is the 'normal' place people store their cutting boards? i've seen them on the wall facing the sink in a couple of homes.

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