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the depth of the posts and size of the footer, or amount of concrete poured to hold the posts in place, is critically important because thats the base on which your pergola stands. if the posts and footers arent secure enough, the structure could lean or sink in time, particularly in cold climates where the frost can heave things out of the ground.

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i want to build a pergola similar to the one below and was wondering what to use to connect the posts to the ground notice how they are at an angle to the vertical also, what is the connector/ mount pergola post at an angle.

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now you are ready to dig your holes. with the assembly laying on the ground, line up the bottom of the posts where you would like the pergola to stand and mark the ground for the center of the post holes. dig the post holes at least 2 deep and approximately 12 diameter. see more information about post depth.

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or do we need to install concrete cyliner forms first and lag-bolt the posts to a level surface using a 6x6 anchor. or maybe; just dig out a foot, level, and than place pre fabbed fottings? the pergola is going to be 14x8 and 8ft tall, and it is going to be inches away from the house between the fence and the side of the home standard mega

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pergolas are instant gathering places and provide a beautiful boost to the exterior of your home. in order to build a pergola, of course, you will need to install the pergola posts. this article uses the post brackets that you have already installed and will show you how to mount your wood posts to those secure brackets.

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mount pergola posts to concrete footing 6x6 cedar posts bolted to a simpson post base which is screwed to a concrete footing simpson strong tie abu66z z-max skip navigation sign in

custom pergola installation how to install pergola posts

after the stain has dried completely, you can install or mount your pergola posts. pick one post and set it into your bracket, which has been positioned and installed in concrete. position the post on the bracket so that it aligns with other posts or deck lines, as appropriate for your building project.

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