concrete dock deck panels


there is a 'maintenance panel' down here. open it up for some gloo canister x24 on the ground and fire spewing out nearby. use your gloo cannon to stop it. behind it is 'randall wood's corpse'. loot him for a burnt circuit board , an emp charge x2 and a wrench . the little closet nearby on the left has a spare part in the back once you break the gloo. -note- an alternate

australian kickstarters kick off

today, projects from australian creators officially go live on kickstarter. check out some of the new projects from our amazing local creators.


hit the knob on the security station panel next to the windows to open up a side room with two additional soldiers standing next to an apc. exit the room with the apc to return to the garage area. turn right and engage the hostiles to the left past the double concrete barricades. the concrete columns are effective cover against the trio of soldiers manning the turrets on the apcs. the quickest

australian kickstarters kick off

the diy concrete house ring. funding goal: au$24,500. this isn't just an object but an entire project you can make yourself. each kit includes everything you need to make a concrete and silver


unique gift ideas

still at the dock but a bit more south is a panel harley can drive over to release a canister. 9. after making the jump across broken road on the southern end of the map destroy the scaffolding to reveal a canister. 10. destroy a phone booth in the park area among some trees on the left portion of the battle ground. red brick: behind some green boxes in the left hand corner of the area

far cry 2

get the right place-it is about mid-way between the glider and the observation deck. as you start north through the canyon you will see a boat moored alongside a wooden dock. take the ill-defined path east into the site. the building with the diamond case is just ahead. some of the sites garrison will have survived so tread carefully. 1 213: there is a safe house and a cellular antenna

memorial service held for 18-month-old toddler who fell

a memorial service was held monday for little chloe wiegand, the toddler who tragically fell from a cruise ship earlier this month. loved ones flocked to the granger, indiana, service to remember

far cry 3

you can easily take him with the bow while remaining safely out of sight between the shack and the concrete blocks. the inattentive pirate watching the east road is your next victim, and then the unsuspecting charger busy with his welding on the west side. a fifth pirate will also be immersed in his welding on a rusty boat frame near the bay. if your other kills were stealthy, he is an easy

alpha protocol

move back to the upper deck and kill anything you meet along the way. get into the computer on the top deck to trigger a scene, which leads into a boss fight. sis uses revolvers, which take a long time to reload. if you did what i said and brought some firebombs on the trip, then taking her out is a piece of cake. toss one of them near her cover and it will take down her shield and take off

halo 3: odst walkthrough

after clearing the deck, drop down and proceed through the far left door. grab the ammo and health on the right before exiting out the other side. actually, about that exiting thing--don't

lego marvel's avengers

explore the area as much as you want but the goal is to follow the light blue studs to the docks and board a plane. black widow and bruce banner are on the helicarrier. agent coulson needs the deck to be prepped for landing.

tom clancy's splinter cell: pandora tomorrow

on the right side of the camera, put your back to the wall and move over left so you are hugging the edge of the concrete. wait for the first guy to approach. as soon as he turns the other direction, come back out from the wall and grab a hold of him from behind. he will give you the security code. before you knock him out, move backwards using the guy as a human shield. this way, you won't

the best and wackiest high-end wireless speakers

the lyric speaker offers a transparent front panel which can display lyrics for over 2 million songs. where the first zeppelin was an ipod dock, this $700 zeppelin wireless has dispensed with

army of two: the 40th day

the boat on the left has an aa gun mounted on its deck that is preventing alice's helicopter from coming and retreiving you. your first objective is to go down the lower path and place some explosives on a crate thats rigged up to the crane of the boat then press the button to the left of the crate to hoist the bomb up on the boat. any enemies that are on the boat when you accomplish this, of

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