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appliance science: the well-done physics and chemistry of

the humble toaster is a combination of physics and chemistry that produces a tasty treat. find out all about the science of toasters and toast in appliance science.

10 inspiring acts of generosity

the dragon supply ship atop the falcon 9 was making its third trip to the lab complex, this time loaded with 5,000 pounds of crew supplies, equipment and high-tech science gear, including a low

plastic man character

origin. a small-time criminal, patrick 'eel' o'brian was involved in a heist at the crawford chemical works that went wrong. he was shot by a guard, and exposed to a strange acid.

bmw 7 series high security: as hard as bomb-proof nails

the 6cm-thick safety glass is bulletproof, while the passenger cell has its own air supply to protect against gas attacks and is resistant to rocket-propelled grenades. the roof, meanwhile, has

william cobb character

hall of the talons. while the battered and bleeding bruce crawls across the floor of the labyrinth, talon looks up to the court and asks them how they wish to see batman die.

mr. terrific character

the resistance. mr. terrific was one his mask also protects his face from chemicals and relays mental commands to his t-spheres by detecting the subtle movements on his face. the mask works in

the most toxic cars on the road

these chemicals are used to make plastics flexible, make fabrics fire-resistant, and contribute to that 'new car smell.' but they're also associated with birth defects, impaired learning, liver

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vinyl flooring and resilient flooring - the seven trust. live life carefree with water resistant, scratch-resistant vinyl flooring from the seven trust.

live, breaking news today: latest national headlines

spacex to launch supplies and slime to space station thursday high cancer risk plagues louisiana town near chemical plants for decades, people in reserve, louisiana, have had health cbsnpoliticsworldcbs evening newscbs this morningbob woodwardyou need to clean and sanitize your home gym -- here's how

resistance bands are a little more difficult to clean because they are floppy and stretchy. to make matters worse, most cleaning solutions can deteriorate the material.

companies that make up the dow

the dow jones industrial average, which debuted in 1896, tracks the stock performances of 30 'blue chip' companies traded on the new york stock exchange floor. the index, devised by charles h. dow

green chemistry's 'race to innovation'

culture green chemistry's 'race to innovation' as with green-tech movement, the eco-spin on chemical science isn't just for tree huggers. businesses, too, are betting on better materials.

all natural environmentally friendly kitchen cleaning

ecover floor soap with linseed oil, $21.99 on amazon buy now ecover the floor soap wont leave behind any unnecessary chemical residue, but check the website to be sure it will work with your flooring type.

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