installing fence panels on a slope

metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots

instead, find the slope on your right and go up. stay low and crawl toward the tree. the gekko will probably show up and start scanning around, but shouldn't find you above it if you stay low. there you'll find some ammo. now, watch the gekko carefully. it may be hard with the tree in your way, but wait til it moves farther away. slip over the ledge now and land there. now on the rock wall

battlefield hardline trophy guide for playstation 4 by

instead of taking the ramp through the fence, climb over the washing-machine and wall to your right and enter the house through the window. you will probably see the vision cone of a cop looking through the door to your left so wait for him to lose interest then go down into the basement. go to the horizontal orange gas tank on the table and press square to open the valve, then head over to

danger girl

head down the slope and use the camera to target the guy on the roof of the house. just run in and kill the next guy. head up the path to the right of the one you just entered the area on and take out the guards there. get the gas can from the back of the truck. head back to the house and take out the guards. use the gas on the generator and enter the house and don't get the med pack unless

the surge

hit the switch to the left to open a door down below in the forge and look at the other two panels near the windows. use the left terminal to extend the bridge, then the right terminal to separate the two smelter bots below. additionally there is an audio log: implants - side effects in the corner. if you need to refill your injectables interact with the medstation on the wall. next, ride

fallout: new vegas

kneel and shoot 3 of the bottles off the fence. sunny will want you to continue and help her clear some geckos from the water well. follow her until she stops and tells you to sneak left up to the well to kill the geckos. run up and shoot or punch them dead. the wells have clear non-radioactive water so drink up to heal any damage. report back to sunny who will want you to clear the other 2

resident evil

there are control panels on your left, right and ahead of you. the panel on your left is a pressure shelter. the panel on your right controls the main system. the panel ahead of you in the middle controls the drainage switch. activate each panel in the following order: middle panel, right panel, left panel, oil pressure regulator ds from the ladder , right panel, left panel, middle panel try

arc the lad: twilight of the spirits

once inside, you'll see a control panel with a big red light on it off to the side. examine it, and tatjana will work it for you. get on the elevator that comes up. walk a little to the left. you should see a bright yellow book sticking out from the surroundings, next to a crate. pick it up, it's the spirit dictionary, volume 4. once you've got it, head a little bit more left to find a chest


when gordon reaches the fence, he should shoot the sniper in the window. after that, shoot the barrels to destroy the generators, making it safe to climb the fence and the fallen tower. on the roof, there should be a hole. fall in. in the room, destroy the boxes. the scientist in the room warns gordon about the next room. the building is full tripmines, and if one detonates, then it will cause

igi 2: covert strike

one is the obvious way w/c is the gate while the 2nd is an opening in the fence in the south part check the map below . there are four guards in the first warehouse area, sneak in to them one by one by hiding behind the trucks or below the trucks. shoot them in a manner that will not create too much noise. once the other guy reacts blow his head and do the same with the others fast. now on

metro redux

return to the control panel, exit the open doorway and follow your new partner across the platform to a locked door. pull the lever on the wall to the right and go on inside. again follow your partner as you climb the stairs to the top. when you reach the door at the top, look opposite and loot the dead soldier here for some ammo and 5 military grade rounds. enter the door. turn to the right

aeon flux

descend down and go behind the scientist, press l2 to install the custodian. head right, towards the newly opened gate. as soon as you cross the gate, it closes. those red camera machines hovering around start attacking you. try to ignore them and head right and down the red slope. press l2 to plant the bomb near marked bar. you have a couple of seconds to back away, the bomb explodes. now

dead space 3 faq/walkthrough

follow the icy slope up and keep an eye out for a small cave on the right theres a resource cache at the back of this for your scavenger bot if you are into that kind of thing , follow the suit locator up to the top of the slope and enter through the gate to the science facility. follow the path up and around to the right to enter an unlocked door here. exit via the door at the end of the

far cry walkthrough

shoot out the blue panels in the nearby thing, and drop down. youre likely to take damage if you just jump down and hope for the best; try to slide along the sides of the interior of the

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