how much is plastic decking a sq meter

how you change an airbus a380 engine

the fuselage is 238 feet 72 meters long and 23 feet 7 meters wide and the total wing area is 9,100 square feet 845 square meters . read the article published: june 30, 2016

homes: what you can buy for $5 million

the 1,844-square-foot, furnished condo was built this year and features ceramic and hardwood flooring, in-unit laundry, built-in shelving, a spa-like master bath and walk-in closet. it also

silent hill 3 walkthrough

use the cassette tape on the tape deck, you'll hear a conversation between father vincent and a unknown woman, they talk about claudia. also read the notes on vincent on the desk, they are signed l.s.

4 technologies that will help save the oceans

in 2010, humans dumped more than 8 million tons of plastic into the ocean. to put that in perspective: that's five grocery bags of trash for every foot of coastline around the globe.

distilling vodka from san francisco's fog

his nets can net around 3-4 liters of water per square meter per day -- and fogquest makes fog collectors as large as 40 square meters. in one village in guatemala, there are 35 of those nets set up.

how to build a patio

but you can avoid cutting the panels if you plan your patio with a square footage divisible by two or three to take advantage of the sizes that the panels come in. compared to slabs of slate, the

in farm country, forget broadband. you might not have

with a density of about 24.7 people per square mile, cass county isn't attracting many broadband suitors. by comparison, new york county's population density is nearly 69,500 people per square mile.

the happy campers of the mars500 mission

sci-tech the happy campers of the mars500 mission. nobody sealed into an oversized tin can should smile that much, but apparently these six astronaut role players really, really love their jobs.

material estimator -- feet inch fraction construction math

full dimensional calculator for all your linear, square area or cubic volume calculation needs.time-saving utilities include works directly in feet, inches, fractions, yards and meters including

3 things a home inspection may not reveal

an inspection is a standard part of the homebuying process that can affect how much you pay for the home. for example, if an inspection unearths a small, fixable problem, you could ask the seller

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