installing pergola foots into concrete

how to anchor an outdoor pergola to a concrete slab

step 2: drill anchor bolt holes. to drill into the concrete pad you will need a hammer drill outfitted with a masonry bit. make sure the bit is the same diameter as the holes on the metal anchor. stand the drill straight up and down on the mark for the hole and start drilling. you only need to go down as far as the anchor bolt.

how to install arbor posts how-tos diy

anchor the posts. the posts for the arbor are anchored using galvanized anchor brackets image 1 . the brackets are anchored to the stone and concrete floor using screws and bolts with wedge anchors. once the positions of your posts are determined, use one of the anchor plates as a template to draw a pattern for placement

building detached pergola on concrete, need advice

in your case drill 4 -1/2' holes, one in each corner of the base plate for wedge anchors to be installed into the concrete. this is the method i'd go for if faced w/ that type of existing patio. by the way, a pergola is merely a shade structure.

titan deck foot - ground anchored deck footings in a

the titan deck foot anchor can help anyone save time, money and labor. thanks to the titan deck foot anchor anyone can effortlessly install ground anchored deck footings at a fraction of the cost of concrete footings. if your deck can be free standing - not attached to the ledger of your house - and 80% or more of all residential decks can be - you are going to love this product.

pergola anchoring -

paver or flagstone patio installation details - if you are placing your structure on a paver patio, pour the concrete to be level with the finished pavers. this way, after adding the trim, the bottom of the trim will rest atop the

how to attach deck post bases to concrete footers

post base attachment. hold your drill plumb. use a drill with a hammer drill bit to install a concrete sleeve anchor into the center of the concrete footing. don't over tighten the bolt. install the adjustable post base to the sleeve anchor and tighten the bolt to secure the attachment. place your foot behind the post when nailing.

installing a pergola column using a concrete mounting kit

once youve measured and squared the pergola layout, youre ready to install the first column. using a drill with a 5/8 masonry drill bit, drill a 6 deep hole straight down into the concrete patio or footer.

installing pergola footings - dig or not dig? see all options

benefits of installing pergola footings with the deck foot anchor pergolas require a minimum of three and usually four or more footings. digging three or four holes will take you at least two or three hours depending on the soil type.

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