what if you dont put plastic edging

cutting board made of corian

the stuff will turn an edge even on a first cut and then you'll have to reshape it constantly to keep a good edge, which means you're removing steel when you don't have to using a bamboo or other type wood or nylon/plastic board

how to visit disneyland star wars: galaxy's edge without a

to gain access to galaxy's edge, you'll need to buy tickets to the disneyland park. sign in with your disney account, or sign up here if you don't have one yet. 1.

the problem with recycling

so please don't put your batteries in, please don't put your roadkill in. yes. my personal favorite is, opposite of favorite, is please don't put your diapers in. thank you so much for watching, i

12 things you should be doing with command hooks

if you don't already have a place you like to hang your hair dryer, use a medium-size command hook to hang it inside your cabinet door. this makes it accessible while also keeping it out of the way.

so i just bought a supermarket roasted chicken and don't

wrap it tightly with plastic wrap if you want to nuke it to reheat it or in foil if you are going the over route . unwrap the bird and cover the whole pan when you go to reheat it. try putting some chicken broth, or even water, in the bottom of the pan to keep it most. heat it on low. as much as i understand dealop's aversion to tough chicken, i am more averse to food borne illness. just my

best way to freeze soup??

you could freeze things in glass, but hardly anyone does that, make sure you don't put too much soup in the glass and cool before freezing. the easiest way is small portions in small ziploc bags, then they form, how you leave them, so you can freeze them flat for best storage.

16 things you should never put in the garbage disposal

the best way to dispose of cooking oil without making a mess is to put it in a sealable container that you don't intend to recycle. then just throw it in the trash. then just throw it in the trash

10 ways to make your house smell fantastic

the plastic in your fridge absorbs the odors of the foods you put into it, making for a stinky soup of smells. you can make your fridge smell normal again by spraying the inside down with baking

suzanne goin says plastic wrap can go in the oven and

my aunts always put plastic wrap on a pyrex dish of lasagne or eggplant parm before the top layer of foil, whether it was going in the oven or the freezer.

dinnerware safety--brand suggestions?

don't you think they have a responsibility for manufacturing safe, eco-friendly products and making sure we all know that's what their product are? i think there are valid reasons not to trust corporations or even government agencies that don't disclose the facts. look what trusting the fda got us. monsanto and the poisons they put into our food system for the sake of profits. uh-oh, now you

containers in my fridge get condensation bad

if you don't have the problem within the fridge itself, and the fridge temperature is okay i.e., mid 30s f and doesn't rise wildly during defrost cycles , i have no idea what might be wrong.

how do you wash plasticware and chopsticks in dishwasher

i save the plastic mesh bags that oranges and other fruits come in and put small plastic items in those. then i tie it to the front of the top rack and let it hang down inside of the door.

how to make your own jerky

you dont even need a dehydrator, although if you have one, itll come in handy. if you dont, just use your oven if you dont, just use your oven nesco snackmaster pro food dehydrator, $57.55 on amazon

keeping strawberries fresh for a week

the key is to make sure you don't put a bruised berry in the tupperware. if you do, at worst science experiment. at best, slice em up, marinate in grand marnier or alcohol of choice with a little honey or brown sugar. surprisingly irish wiskey is very nice. or brandy. but if you make sure that you keep the unbruised berries out of the tupperware, the strawberries are as fresh by the end of

containers in my fridge get condensation bad

if you don't have the problem within the fridge itself, and the fridge temperature is okay i.e., mid 30s f and doesn't rise wildly during defrost cycles , i have no idea what might be wrong.

camping food storage and disposal tips

even if youre not in danger of becoming a meal to something else if you slip up, you dont want to lose any of your own precious food or gear to hungry rodents, raccoons, or other critters, so best not to tempt them with tasty trash.

19 christmas light safety tips to help you avoid holiday

don't put cords through doors and windows don't run your extension cords through window or door cracks. the cord could become pinched, which can ruin the insulation around the wires and lead to a

snapware glasslock containers

i don't use a dishwasher and i don't put these or any other glass dishes in the dishpan to soak together or with metal pans/utensils, only plastic. i can see how bumping around in the dishwasher or dishpan could weaken the edges.

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