attached pergola rafters parralle or perpendiculiar

grand theft auto: san andreas

go from the rafters and find the steps leading downstairs until you get to the main floor and trigger a cutscene. jizzy makes the call, but cj shows up and shows him his true colors. jizzy escapes from the club and you'll have to give chase with his guards and girls firing at you inside the club. kill the gunmen and exit the club via the front door. jizzy escapes in his pimpmobile, so get into

tony hawk's american wasteland gap guide for playstation 2

rafter shuffle: the rafters for this gap reside above the front stairs of the snautatooma plaza. when you start, go forward until you reach the flaming barrel. turn to your right and there should be a quarter pipe with a dark red colored edge. above this quarter pipe there is a ledge. launch up to this ledge and grind it towards the snautatooma plaza. when the ledge ends, jump and you will be

tony hawk's pro skater 3

jump off of the middle rialing and land in a grind on the light rafter. keep grinding until you get to the end of the rial. then jump off and land on the light that comes from your right. at the end of this rail is the secret tape. ----- 100% goals and icons ----- get all of the goals listed above and all of the stat icons and the deck icon. -=-=-=-=- stat 1 =-=-=-=-= at the start of the


this street running perpendicular to the boyle estate's main gate is ogelsby way, and always has a patrolling guard; if reinforcements were called, 1-2 tallboys tend to congregate as well. luckily, these can all be ignored by creeping along the adjacent drainage path, running the length of ogelsby to an open apartment complex. just inside, search the dumpster for herbs 274/4915 , then get the

10 things you shouldn't do when running network cable

when you run this unshielded cabling in parallel with electrical cables, that magnetic field is disrupted and the communication becomes noisy and garbled. in many cases, transmissions will simply

donkey kong country: tropical freeze

the g is a bit tricky; once you come across two parallel platform tracks with some blue hootz along them, jump on the first to move it right, then to the second before you get burned. jump back to the first one, then climb the vine to the right. before the second platform goes back to the left, jump to it and grab the g. 5 ignore the barrel cannon for now; instead, jump down and roll through

prince of persia

rings will help the prince roof run and they are sometimes attached to special switches. roof running ----- this new and completely awesome feature lets you, as the name suggests, run across the roof in gravity defying feats. to initiate a roof run, you will usually start from a column. in areas where there are some columns and rings attached to a roof, climb the column to the top. press the

tomb raider ii

from the 2nd chandalier, the 3rd and highest can be scaled to the lofty rafters area. kill some rats and shimmy the middle support girder until lara can pull up. save and do a flatfoot jump to the wooden platform near the brick-laid corner of the room. try to get up and a clubthug emerges, dropping a small medipack upon death. the final switch is on the other side of the support girder and

god of war saga

there's another 'log' parallel to that intersection, but get the offshoot perpendicular to it to find a red-orb chest with lots of contents. okay, back to the parallel one. the next red-orb chest platform has a branch off to one side, that leads to another 'big' red-orb bounty. nearby, three logs are parallel with each other -- the middle leads to two red chests that contain a huge of orbs

watch dogs

turn left and you should see the target driving by on the street perpendicular to you and parallel to the water. follow your target and be prepared to hack a steam pipe as soon as the blue light flashes. once you take the target's vehicle down, quickly get your car on the other side of the steam explosion, then get out and shoot the target in the legs. if you are quick, the backup will have

uncharted 2: among thieves game of the year edition

each of them are attached to the wooden decks that the fights broke out on in this area. the first one is attached to the wooden deck right on the water on the enemy's side. it's right under a red tank which will


i found this jump to be quite tricky. but the trick is that you must be facing at the ledge ie facing perpendicular to it / straight at it , which mean you must jump almost sideways, which in turn makes dodging the train above more difficult. once you are on this ledge, turn left and go up parallel to train , then turn around and jump into the hole that the upper train is entering. you must

prince of persia: the two thrones

it was attached to the top of a small wooden device with a long handle protruding from one side. with no other option to hand the prince put his shoulder to the handle and turned the device. a sculpture moved aside in a room up above, revealing a hatch into the floor. it was too high for the prince to reach up to. a long thin metal plate on the wall nearby looked like a switch of some kind

the orange box

outside, a couple combine fire on a raised, parallel ledge -- shoot the barrels there to nix 'em. the mesh fence nearby is bend forward, and is a suitable stepping stone to get onto the walkway again. look for a low vent gordon can crawl into with some supplies, and at the end of the walkway there, jump down to the train tracks. kill some grunts and watch out for one that throws burning

brothers: a tale of two sons

walk perpendicular to the gear and wedge it in the shaft to stop the small wheel in the river. after crossing the river, follow the path as it goes down two sets of stairs and leads to a strange track contraption on the ground. you should see a 'y' shaped track on the ground, with a big lever on the end and two small stoppers on the ends. grab the big lever at the end of the 'y' -- you will

tomb raider: the last revelation

tridents 1 and 2 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ anyway, the soft-drop from the secret alcove to the passage below, which runs parallel east-west. up the stairs is a drop-down point to a ramp, although a jump-and-grab to the breakable vases results in wideshot ammo. slide down to a pool with high walkways interspersed around. a skeleton jumps around, but a fun way to kill it is to use a shotgun

tom clancy's splinter cell

two other guards are nearby but only 1 patrols the road perpendicular to the dumpsters. and that's good, because sam can crouch in-between the dumpsters and not be seen a lick if backed against a wall. neutralize this guard to obtain a satchel, which contains an email from one mister 'philip masse', whoever that is. further up the street, the last guard patrols underneath a horizontal

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