sunny beige fence railings for beach area

ape escape

2 - from mailbox 1, head down the slope to the left and head to the doorway to the left of the beach area. check to the left of the doorway for another mailbox. it explaisn the meaning of the nearby light-post. 3 - from mailbox 2, go through the nearby doorway to the next area and head forward to another mailbox. it tells you to be wary of long falls to prevent damage. *****events

star ocean: the last hope

----- mining point 4: ----- o aluminum o green beryl o shadestone o thunder gem head northwest, and then take the narrow west path to a beach area. go all the way south to find two chests, which contain recipe memo 09 and a resurrection elixir . return to the main path and go up the cliff; at the top, use the mining point to the east. ----- mining point 5: ----- o aluminum o green beryl o

far cry 4

your goal is to slither inside like a snake, so don't try to sneakily murder everyone here: go around the southern side and look for a hole in the green fence. kill the soldier standing at the table, then peek around the corner and silence the guy with his back to you. then, crouch in the back entrance of the warehouse and take down the enemy inside. -= sneak into the truck =- the enemy

the orange box

drive through the rickety fence near supply 2 to find the rest of the beach waiting. the third supply house is also on a beach cliff, this one occupied by a few combine in and out of the place. the 4th supply shack has a trio of gun-toting foes also, all of which can be killed outside with the tau cannon. the 5th supply area, inhabited by refugee troopers, is the next area with any importance

grand theft auto: vice city walkthrough

first make your way to the vcpd building in the washington beach area. come with full health and armor, but don't walk in brandishing a weapon. head to the locker room and stand on the marker to

fallout: new vegas

kneel and shoot 3 of the bottles off the fence. sunny will want you to continue and help her clear some geckos from the water well. follow her until she stops and tells you to sneak left up to the well to kill the geckos. run up and shoot or punch them dead. the wells have clear non-radioactive water so drink up to heal any damage. report back to sunny who will want you to clear the other 2

pokemon black version

in the fountain area, you'll find dancer mickey moving about in front of the big fountain. he challenges you to a fight; his lone level 21 pansage shouldn't be too tough. after the battle, he tells you that he wants to make a dance team and asks you to find the other dancers. the first dancer, raymond, is at unity pier near the ship; the second, edmond, is at narrow street. after fighting both


the very back area of the main open area you need to re-connect the power. on top of some crates on the first floor. 2 : inside the building the two enemies are in, after extending the bridge open. inside an open cabinet. armoured vest locations: 1 : inside the first warehouse you need to re-connect the power. on top of a stack of crates. nearby the entry of the warehouse. armoured helmet


the trophy area has a sextant to steal 1810/4915 , the sitting area has a whale statuette 1960/4915 , and sorta in-between the two, there's a bathroom with hemlock 1980/4915 . 2f overview ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯ there are three ways onto this floor: staircase in the 1f dining room guarded by one npc staircase in the 1f foyer wall of light, guards exterior balcony blink onto


the area will gradually fill with brighter color, and once it is full, the skill will be activated. this gives you a little bit of time to aim or move yourself into an ideal position to ensure the maximum effect from the strike. you are invulnerable while the skill is charging in this manner. if at any point you find that your skill strikes are not as effective as you would like, one option is

deus ex

the area beyond the door is the grenade defusing facility. here you will learn how to remove planted explosive device. at each of the corners of this area you will find a lam planted on the wall. you must disarm and remove all 4 lam's before you can proceed to the next section of training. you will need to move up to the lam quickly and defuse it by right clicking. a second right click will

pokemon white version 2

back in the fountain area, speak with the bald man nearby, then head northeast and interact with the vending machines. note that lemonades are the best to get based on their hp-healing 80 to cash $350 ratio, being cheaper than even a super potion. in fact, you can heal 3.2x the amount of hp from what you spend on two lemonades to buy one super potion. stock. up. go along the street to the

grandia ii

follow the compass until you come across an area with a beach and save cone. south of here is a dark chest perched on top of a rock formation. chop the tops off the stones, and open the box for a quake stone, scroll of alheal, and rage ring. save and recover at the cone, pass over the bridge, and hitch a ride in the wooden boat guarded by a party of dragonoids. the destination drops the party

grand theft auto: vice city

park a car near the fence and jump on top of it and over the fence. reward: sabre turbo --list 3 cheetah: there is a parked one in the mansion's driveway that is right by the bridge that connects washington and starfish island. infernus: an infernus spawns at the vercetti estate. banshee: these spawn a lot in ocean beach along the stretch of road near the shoreline and in starfish


below is the complete list of save houses in the bullworth area: >>the beach clubhouse ***** old bullworth vale - earned by completing the prep challenge. >>the dragon's wings comics store basement ***** bullworth town - earned by completing the nerd challenge. >>the blue balls pool hall ***** new coventry - earned by completing the greasers challenge. >>the jock clubhouse ***** bullworth

grand theft auto: the trilogy cheats, codes, and secrets

gate 1: go to the sea's cliffs east of los venturas near sobell rail yard. now fly along the ledge near water level. there is a glitchy rock wall that you can pass through in one point. the wall twitches and shakes. when you get in, you may have to fly north a little before it lets you get under fully.

grand theft auto v

to this end i became a member of the mod forum and i post on their 'rgb video discussions' forum area from time to time. in addition, i am a member of the x-otic computer systems of san antonio , a group who specializes in linux, mac, and other systems. we are also a group of hackers and electronics enthusiasts. i am also a regular forum poster at gamefaqs, an

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