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Word Online brings the familiarity and power of working with word documents into the browser. Documents can then be edited on all devices as well as well as being shared and collaborated on. The documents can also be edited in Word software on a computer or in the Word APP on an iPad for features that are missing in the online offering (like working with columns)

Collaboration on documents is always superb where everyone always has the most current version as well as being able to see each others edits live.

Using Word for learning?

  • Note taking and document creation – but they can be done collaboratively, and auto saves.
  • Use “comments” to review documents
  • Rich running notes! – instead of using notes on a single device create an online document to visit from whatever device you have at the time or via the browser with any internet connection. Documents can also be worked on offline on mobile devices and synced on return to the connected world.
  • Embedded documents in websites, blogs, Learning Management Systems etc:  when editing teh document online go to “file” then “share” then there is “embed” just grab the code and paste it into your page. This allows the ability to externally change and update content collaboratively if need be (coolio!)

Getting Going with Word Online:

Word Online requires a OneDrive account as it includes Office online. Students and staff generally have access to full accounts through their organisation otherwise anyone can sign up at onedrive.live.com for a free account account with 15GB storage including access to online documents and the ability to log into apps on mobile devices.

  • Once you have an account you can get to word online via the “Office365 apps” (those little boxes) at the top of your webpage.
  • For existing documents, choose “Edit in Word Online”
  • Share your document with other Office Online users to be able to view or edit along with you.
  • Create a viewable or an editable link for users without accounts by clicking “Share” and then “Get a link”
A screenshot of a word document in the browser.

A screenshot of a word document in the browser. NOTE the collaboration with the document also being edited on another device.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Version History is accessible via OneDrive online – click the three dots tot he right of the file name then again in the next menu then you will see Version History.
  • Word Online is unable to do some of the things that are possible in the software version like edit columns so for this you can use the iPad/iPhone app or Word software on a computer. The word app is getting close on the full version of word and certainly covers all the bases for normal use.
  • Working in the iPad app or Word software synchronises your work regularly and is not really live collaboration.
  • At this point of time, it is a bit frustrating that docuemnts in Drive app cannot be opened in other apps on an iPad.

Comment from Author, Rolfe Kolbe: Crickey! Office365 is winning for me now they have picked up their act. The development of the offerings, especially the iPad apps, over the last few months is impressive! I love Google Apps for Education but look out Google! For my earlier thoughts on the Google Offerings please have a read of the content at zblogs.newington.nsw.edu.au/ict/google

Ideas and Feedback:

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