Twitter: for learning

There are many preconceived ideas about Twitter and it’s worth. When used well, Twitter can be invaluable for learning and professional learning. This page will explore some Twitter basics along with some ideas for using twitter for learning and Professional Learning.

The concept is that short messages can contain a range of content as a “Microblog” of sorts. The tweets can be a great curation or recording of an event and often add to the “backchannel” with further information while an event is running. Twitter is used superbly by educators sharing resources and ideas, answering questions and discussing themes.

HEY YOU ARE HERE TOO EARLY! I just tweeted the link so I could make a graphic of my screenshot to highlight all the bits and pieces!! Come back in the morning when the session is running.

Will be ready for Tekky Time 7:45am in the library – Brekky provided.

In the meantime: This will be a summary with some ideas for use for learning. If you want a superbly thorough overview though then check out @SueWaters awesome curation on her blog –