Tri-Fold Brochure

Creating “tri-fold”brochures is a common task set in schools and even in our digital world the tri-fold brochure seems to be common place for information at information stands and other places. Creating these brochures can be done using full on software like indesign or publisher but the brochures can be done powerfully and effectively using word processing or powerpoint tools.


In fact with the right template most users would choose this method over the top of the higher end software even when they have access to it. It’s pretty cool!


Content on this page:

  • Trifold Brochures for learning
  • Types of “Trifold” brochures
  • Options for creating Trifold Brochures
  • Trifold Brochure templates, tips and tricks
  • Printing

TriFold Brochures for Learning:

Realistically the creation of these brochures is just a finished product and collation of collected information together and present it in a printed fashion. This does work really well for subjects like Geography, Science and History where a concise summary of the information gathered would be useful, especially at a physical location, information stand or event. While the learning is not in the creation of the brochure the skills used are valuable string in the bow for real life opportunities.

The challenge is to get methods that work across all devices the same. After a lot of trialling of tools and services it was decided the best offering were to either in word or powerpoint. We made two templates that you may find really useful. They are using fonts and sizes that work across devices and online.

Types of Trifold Brochures:

Doing an image search along the lines of “great tri fold brochure designs” yields some great examples of brochures for stimulus in how you want to design it. There are two main types of brochures for a single sheet of paper. The Z fold which has a front and a back and most people move from the front page to the next side. Or the more common and less confusing option is the trifold option that has a flap folded in. The template that we have created is of this method.

How to Create Trifold Brochures:


Word type documents: In Word or Pages there are generally options for creating brochures with templates.

Powerpoint Documents: Opening a powerpoint in keynote gives all sorts of power and flexibility. After a lot of testing and trialling, we have settled on this one we have created that works really nicely. TRY THIS ONE OUT!

Saving and Printing:

Saving: Save your work as a pdf if you are going to submit it or print it.

Printing: To print it is best to save as a pdf and then print double sided flipped on the short side. A trim of the non printable area will help with this.

Referencing: do a Creative Commons Attribution search for images that you are able to use as long as you reference them.

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