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Authentic use of technology in teaching maths and applications for all subjects.

  • How can we create authentic learning experiences by embracing technology to enhance and enrich learning.
  • What works and what doesn’t as a Mathematics teacher, and how can this be can be applied to all subjects and stages?
  • How can we develop deeper understanding through content creation and creativity?


For context, this is a presentation by Rolfe Kolbe for Edutech 2017. Rolfe is a maths teacher and Director of Learning Technologies K-12 at St. Andrew’s Cathedral School. The role is mainly based around exploring how technology can be harnessed authentically and appropriately to enhance, enrich, extend and enable learning. It is an exciting opportunity to work across all year groups and subjects with lots of time being spent in a wide range of classrooms. It is certainly an opportunity to have a good look at pedagogy! A great opportunity to learn, reflect and respond.

This page is pulling together a number of thoughts and possibilities from the maths classroom and applying them more general with what themes work well across all subject areas. There will be maths examples as the context but hopefully, it is done well so that it is applicable to all.

For a bit of fun we need to have an obligatory game of Buzz word bingo as the presentation runsĀ http://bit.ly/edutech17buzz