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This page is to pull content together content on technology at SACS. It is made up of content written by Rolfe Kolbe for the Head oF School newsletter in March 2018 as well as a presentation given to the P and F in March 2018. Links to all the appropriate sections to read more are also below:

SACS Head of School Newsletter Article March 2018.

SACS has been working hard at making better use of technology looking to “enhance, enrich and extend learning with appropriate and authentic use of technology”. This has been done with a number of ICT services for administration, individual use and the classroom. The IT Manager, Lyle Corvisy and The Director of Learning Technologies, Rolfe Kolbe work alongside each other in consolidating services and working with students, staff, parents and our community. This article is an overview, summary and outline of the main services of the school. Full details can be read under the “Technology at SACS” tab of SACSConnect which houses publicly accessible information for SACS. 

The portals, provide a personalised dashboard of services and communications drawing everything together in the browser on any device. Currently, the student and staff portals are active with the parent portal due for release later in the year. 

Our Learning Management System is used for classes and groups is Schoology. It has a range of tools for document and resource access, communication, interaction and activities and can also be used for other tasks including collecting and marking class tasks. Schoology is used to keep a record of homework for years 7-9 if a student is away or has missed work. Access for Schoology is for students and staff via the portal or the Schoology app. 

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud subscription service that is the backbone of many of the services of the school including the portal. Office365 brings us storage, access, sharing, editing and collaboration across all devices. The service has a number of main services that are backed up and synchronised online. The main services of Office365 include OneDrive for personal files and folders, Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote for document edits and Forms for collecting and graphing data. Students have full access to the Office suite of apps and software for iPads, laptops, computers and other devices. 

Textbooks this year are provisioned via Box Of Books with students accessing these via the portal for access online or offline in the appropriate device-specific app. 

Edumate is used for the day to day administration at SACS including timetables, attendance, reporting and student information. The Edumate parent portal includes parent/student weekly digest. Parents can also access upcoming assessment tasks on Edumate and the soon to be released, Parent Portal will be the dashboard that pulls this all together for parents. 

Other communications platforms of the school include the SACS website which is the showcase and essentially a prospectus of the school. SACSconnect is the publicly accessible information about the school and systems and the blog/website highlights learning with technology along with sharing of resources used for some student training and information sessions and Professional Learning for staff. 

Other subject specific software, services and apps are used in some subjects and all students have access to the Adobe Suite of software which can be purchased along with a large USB drive for $20 from the uniform store. 

Students at SACS have BYOD iPads for years 5-9 and iPads and/or laptops for year 10-12. Details on our iPad and laptop program along with further information on the services of the school can be accessed on SACSconnect in the “Technology at SACS” section. 

We continue to work at getting this right and we are encouraged by the growth of our students and staff as we all learn together and harness the opportunities technology brings. Keep an eye on our blog for further highlights of this work. 

Presentation to P and F:

The following is a presentation given by Rolfe Kolbe from the teaching and Learning side of things. The presentation can be downloaded and all the links within the presentation are also added below the image.

Click here or on the image to download a pdf of the presentation.

Links from the Presentation:

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