Teaching With Technology

Avoiding using technology in the classroom today is nearing impossible. Many teachers really struggle with having devices in the hands of their students though, they find the distractions tend to outweigh the positives.

Technology is an amplifier – both of positives and negatives.

So what are some ways that the tables can be turned so that the positives of having technology in the classroom can be realised? Doing this well often requires quite a deliberate approach, especially as you work out what works best.

Be Prepared:

As with any lesson, the content and presentation will have the biggest impact on how effective the lesson is and how engaged the class is. Being prepared is vital for this, but even more so with using technology is to be prepared that you have your resources at the ready. If you have to fiddle around for ages at the start of a lesson then you will lose confidence and it will also be harder to get the class on task.

Classroom Management:

Have your standards for what you accept and don’t accept and stick to them. Follow up with inappropriate use in the same way that you would with passing of notes or reading a book while a different task should be done. Some teachers like to let their students open the usual resources like their course in the Learning Management System or the textbook as they come in and then turn screens off while instructions are given or as presentations are made. Others like to have devices off until the task has been set or instruction is given. Others like to allow the students to use the devices through all parts of the lesson. Try each and work out which one works best for you for each class you have.

Be a Learner:

Showing that you are learning is great modelling to others. Knowing how to use technology effectively allows you to set authentic tasks and helps manage problems when they occur. Hopefully having a click around some of the resources of this site will help with learning at your own pace.

Use tools to be Mobile around the class:

Getting around the room is the BEST WAY of seeing what is really going on and keeping students on task with your awesome lesson!! There are a number of great tools for being mobile in the classroom using a mobile phone or iPad. Check out the Mobility page for more. Being mobile also means you can use awesome apps like Notability to write better notes than you would on the board and they can be shared in the end.

Try different methods and tools for delivery:

Driving content differently with tools like Nearpod can make a big difference in teaching with a different type of interaction and control. Check the NewingtonICT blog page on Nearpod here

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