Sharing Explain Everything Projects

Sharing an Explain Everything Project is a great way for you to have stimulus material and content ready to go and where your user can open the content into Explain Everything App and then get straight to solving, scripting, recording and showing you their learning.

remember projects can have all sorts of content in them including text, images, video, audio, drawings, a browser etc. Check out our full Explain Everything page for More detail.

A great extension on this is for differentiated learning. Creating a project with a progression of content from easier content to more enjoyable difficult content allows students to show the learning at the level that they are at. The finished videos can then be shared and all can learn from each other as well as you have a great set of videos.

Posting the videos on a discussion board or similar is a great workflow as well. Students download the project, add their narration, annotation and interaction and then post their video on the discussion board. Setting homework to constructively critique videos is a great exercise and then giving time to refine and improve product can really wrap it up nicely.

Here is a project on Pythagoras theorem that you may like to download, open into Explain Everything and play with.

Junior School Barrier Reef example Go Nemo!
Year 8 Pythagoras Example Go Mr Pythagoras!

Other projects soon!

For help on Explain everything: check our Explain Everything Page
For examples of Explain Everything at different stages check out – Stage 2 explain Everything Session and Stage 4 Explain Everything session


NOTE: Tips on creating better projects soon!