Value Adding to School Sport


Improving Performance & Value Adding to School Sport

There are many ways in which technology has impacted school sport and the performance of both athletes and staff. Because of this, as sports staff we are often inundated with the latest app or software to help sporting staff better their administration or coaching capacity. This can provide us with exciting and innovative ways to enhance school sport but also leave both admin and coaching staff overwhelmed.

Over the years I have found the key to success to the integration of technology into sport is to keep it limited and simple. Below are some ‘go to’ apps and software which improve the performance of athletes, coaches and staff.


Collaborative Online Documents

oie_transparent (11) googledocs

The introduction of collaborative documents and cloud drives for file storage has completely changed the way Sports Coordinators and departments function. If you aren’t using Office 365 or Google Docs yet – its time to get on board! Having files stored in the ‘cloud’ not only allows for easy access from anywhere at any time but it also allows all departmental staff to access the one file with the most up to date version of the document (at the same time). See below for some ideas to get you started with using collaborative documents.

  • Develop sports selection forms using excel survey or google forms – a simple way to collate student choices through the click of one link
  • Develop medical forms using excel survey or google forms for excursions or camps
  • Collaborate on weekly newsletters and end of season reports using word or google docs
  • Use excel or google docs to collate results from events – collaboration allows numerous users to access the one document to update results


Team App


Team App is revolutionising the way Sports Coordinators, coaches, MICs, players and parents communicate. The free app allows you to choose which functions suit the needs of your team or group. The app acts as a communication dashboard jammed packed with great functions including:

  • Push notifications
  • Announcements
  • Links to files and draws
  • Photo upload
  • Timely
  • Blog
  • Safe online environment – request to access teams
  • Set up on the PC/Laptop access via the mobile app
  • IOS and Android
  • Updates while on tours/camps home to parents

Sprint Timer

sprint timer

Long gone are the days someone’s stopwatch failing or a staff member failing to press start. With the Sprint Timer app all you need is a finish line and a starter. Simply set up the app in line with the finish line and you are ready to go. The app not only times the event but takes a photo finish which can be emailed to the recording room for results. See below for some ways to incorporate Sprint Timer into your next carnival

  • Use student groups such as PASS classes or tech clubs to operate the app for various events throughout the carnival
  • Record each heat in a division then email the photo finishes with times straight to the recording room
  • Display photos in the grandstands for students to see their finish times and how close they were to their opponents
  • Display photos on Team App for parents to see throughout the day
  • Use photo finishes for finals races to decide close finishes


Hudle Technique


As coaches and assistants we are often required to critique athletes in order to improve performance. It is not always that young athletes understand what we require of them in order to improve, especially when it comes to changes in their technique or game play. Hudle Technique (ubersense)  allows coaches to record athletes performances and provide feedback using simple analysis tools through the app. See below for some of the features

  • Video recording of performances
  • Slow motion and pause playback
  • Voice analysis of skill
  • Visual analysis of skill using drawing and angle tool
  • Share analysis with students via email
  • Analyse individual technique or whole team play