Schoology Archiving


Schoology Archiving

As each year concludes courses which have finished with this year will be moved to your archives. If you have courses that are 2015-2016 (Year  11 and 12), these courses are not finished and thus you will still have access to them until the conclusion of 2016.

  • 2015 Schoology courses for years 7-10 will be archived on 31 December 2015.
  • 2014-15 Schoology courses for Year 11-12, 2014-15 will be archived 31December 2015.
  • 2015 Schoology Courses for Year 11-12 2015-16 will be archived next year, 31 December 2016.

An archived course can still be accessed by you in its entirety. Archived courses are simply no longer available to students as their class has ended and so the course no longer needs to appear in their course menu.


Accessing Archived Courses

Archive Course Gif

  • open Schoology in your browser, go to ‘Courses,’
  • click ‘See all’ and
  • Click on ‘Archive.’


Any resources you have made within Schoology can be saved to your resources so that you can use them again year after year and for various courses.