At SACS we follow the APA 6th edition style guide.  This involves in text citation and a Reference List.

From the start of 2016, all students from Year 7 up will be expected to include an in text citation for all quotes and paraphrased writing in their assessment tasks.  They also have to include a Reference List, which is a compilation of all the works cited in their piece of work.

This includes written work like journal articles, websites and books, but also any other sources like images and music scores.

SACS Library has produced a ‘Referencing Style Guide’ which is comprehensive and shows how to cite a large variety of resources.  This is available as a hard copy from SACS Library or it can be downloaded here SACS Referencing style guide 2015

Students have a simplified version in the front of their diaries.

The SACS teacher librarians can help you by looking at assessment notifications before they are distributed to students.  The teacher librarians can also help by speaking to classes about how to reference correctly, assist students individually and provide a review of student referencing after they have completed a task.  Teacher librarians will also be available to help staff and attend faculty meetings as required.

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