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OneDrive enables PERSONAL storage of files and folders where access can ALSO be online. OneDrive allows storage, access, sharing and collaboration across all devices and internet connections. Users can store and share all sorts of documents with 1TB of online storage! (or 15GB for free accounts) Others can be invited to view or edit files where they can interact and collaborate.

  • Access: Go to on any device and sign in. (this is access to all your online Office365 services!)
  • OneDrive “Sync”: Synchronising is where your “local” folder on your computer replicates the online version. This means you drop a file or folder into the folder on your computer and VOILA it is accessible online or from your other devices. Presently you can sync private and business accounts from a Windows machine but only private accounts from a Mac (stay tuned) To set up a windows computer to sync:
    • See if you already have OneDrive installed by going to start button (bottom left) and searching “onedrive” and enabling it, otherwise install it here (NOTE: choose OneDrive for Business 64 bit for SACS laptops)


Documents can be edited in the browser of internet connected devices and behave much the same across all devices. Greater power can be achieved with the full software or appropriate app though so check each section to see how to proceed for greater options.
– Word Online Page
– ExcelOnline Page
– PowerPoiunt Online Page
– OneNote Online Page
– Uploading Non-Camera Roll items from iPads

There are apps for the iPad and they work well but only use them if you feel the browser is not working for you. The exception is the OneNote app which also allows written content which is super neat! For real time collaboration we recommend just doing it in the browser. The apps are still quite immature and should improve over time.


Hints for use:

Create folders first and then go into the folder to create new documents from inside. Do this in the browser.
Keep it in the browser when you can to get real time collaboration and a consistent look and feel.
Organising your files and folders is best done on a computer at this stage.



Submitting work from Office365:

This is done via the App.

This page is currently under construction
onedrive tp

OneDrive is Microsoft’s ‘cloud based’ storage which allows you to sync files which can then be accessed later from a web browser or mobile device.

You must sync your OneDrive account to your ‘file explorer’ to access your files offline and login to Office 365 online to access your OneDrive.

In the classroom

Students can access OneDrive using the OneDrive app on their iPad and OneDrive Online which is synced to their OneDrive account. The OneDrive app and OneDrive Online provides the following advantages in the classroom:

  • Automatic saving and syncing to individual OneDrive accounts
  • Sharing files with staff for feedback and editing
  • Sharing with other students to collaborate on files together
  • Access to files on any device with internet connection

In the staff room

Staff can access OneDrive from the iPad app, their desktop or online via their Office 365 account. OneDrive offers the following advantages for staff:

  • Unlimited file storage
  • Edit, share and sync files within ‘cloud storage’ making files accessible ‘anywhere, anytime’
  • Share files with staff and students to create collaborative documents during class time
  • Embed file links to documents on webpages, blogs, learning management systems and email.

How to basics

The following ‘how to’ videos demonstrate how to access your OneDrive account online through Office 365, from the OneDrive app and how to sync your Onedrive to the desktop to enable offline access to files.

To see how to save to your OneDrive from each specific app visit the Word, OneNote, PowerPoint or Excel pages.

OneDrive Online
OneDrive (Desktop)
OneDrive App

Tips and Tricks

  • Create an effective hierarchy system for filing to enable easy access to files.
  • Share files by links to other staff to quickly edit documents live without having numerous versions of documents, presentations etc.


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