Office 365 Applications – DRAFT

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Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud based applications suite which are enabled over the internet making files and applications ‘cloud based’. Files can be shared with others in order to allow for simultaneous collaboration. There are frequent updates to the current applications both with the browser and iOS versions.


onedrive tpOneDrive is Microsoft’s ‘cloud based’ storage which allows you to sync files which can then be accessed later from a web browser or mobile device. Learn how to store and share files here.


Word TPMicrosoft Word allows users to generate types documents that can be saved and printed. With the Office 365 application, users can collaborate and share documents for publishing, editing and viewing. Learn how to create, save and share Word documents here.


ON TPOneNote enables free-form information to be gathered and allows for multi-user collaboration. Users can gather notes in the form of typed and hand written text, drawing, clippings, audio and video. Learn how to create, share and save OneNote notebooks here.



Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application to enable users to collect data using calculation, graphing and pivot tables. The Office 365 application allows users to create Excel Surveys which enables surveys to be created in order to collate and analyse data. Learn how to create, share and save Microsoft Excel Documents and Excel Surveys here.


PP TPPowerPoint allows users to design multimedia slide show presentations. Typing, audio, video, graphs, links, graphics and gifs can be embedded to create a powerful presentation. Learn how to create, share and save PowerPoint presentations here.

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