Projecting wirelessly is a great option for being able to move around while presenting. This allows the presenter to be mobile and really see what is going on with the class! Being able to “task switch” (double click and change app) and using apps like Notability or OneNote to write awesome notes that can be shared really make mobility a cracker.

There are a number of ways of being mobile while projecting and they fall into a few categories:

  • Using a clicker to progress slides in a presentation
  • Wirelessly Projecting to devices like Apple TV or Chromecast in a more limited way
  • Wirelessly projecting to your laptop screen with tools like Airserver or Reflector App
  • Controlling your computer with a mobile touchpad or mouse
  • Pushing content to screens of students via a link or an app.

Apple TV and Airplay:

Apple TV allows users to wirelessly airplay an iPad, iPhone or Mac Laptop. You can also project a laptop wirelessly  using AirParrot. The audio and the picture are wirelessly pushed. You can mirror to multiple screens/devices with AirParrot2!!!

Remember to mirror your screen when going on and remember to exit as well.


Airplay to your Laptop or Computer:

This method requires you to have your computer on the same wireless network and connected to the projector but works really nicely where you have an older projector that does not have an HDMI input. The best offerings are and they both work equally as well. (We have decided to run with Airserver)

To use this method:

  • buy a licence (around $10-12 US a computer for Airserver)
  • instal the “server” on your computer
  • airplay the same as you would above in the Apple TV instructions above


  • if you need more instructions go to
  • adjust the preferences in Airserver on your computer to put a password for access
  • This is a great way to record your iPad screen too, there is built in recording as well if you like!!!

Recommended Settings:

  • Give your computer a name (especially if you are somewhere with lots of folks with airserver)
  • Set a “fixed password” for access or choose “onscreen passcode” for access

To do this right click on the AirServer icon in the dock at the bottom of the screen and choose settings.

Click for larger image

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Control A Computer With An iPhone or iPad:

Sometimes you want to have the full functionality of your computer but still have mobility to move around. A great way to do this is by using an app which turns your mobile device into a touchpad and keyboard for your computer allowing you to control your computer as you are on the move! There are a number of apps that can do this but one that works really well is Mobile Mouse. Check for details.

Pushing content via a link or an app:

There are a growing number of tools that give the option to “present remotely” meaning you can give the URL to your audience and they can see the presentation as you progress through. Some of these tools include:
– Prezi 
Powerpoint Online or Google Slides (check the content on )

Other great options are tools like Nearpod that allow content to be pushed to devices but with so much more! Check out the page on NewingtonICT blog at 

More Ideas?!:

Check out the page on teaching with technology page for some other thoughts on classroom management and practical strategies.

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