LearningField is a service that packages together textbook content from a large number of Australian publishers by the chapter or by the whole text. It is an initiative from the CopyrightAgency and works as a subscription service where content is accessed across devices including iPads, PCs, Macs and Android devices. Read more about LearningField on their website learningfield.com.au.


The advantages of LearningField for us is that we now have access to content from a wide range of textbooks on the devices of our choice. For schools that get students to purchase textbooks, there is a substantial cost saving as well. Another obvious big advantage is that those digital textbooks are very light! You have to be online to download content, but then it is all accessible offline once downloaded on devices. There are other features including personal and group notes, but they are all added bonuses. Note: the iPad app was the original app and it is still the best experience with easy navigation and fluid zooming and flipping between pages.

Using LearningField:

Users can log in to learningfield.com.au select the chapters or whole texts that they want and then add them to their library where the content can then be accessed in the app.

Teachers pushing content to groups:

Instead of students all individually going to try and find the right textbook or chapter, teachers should instead choose the content they want and push it through to the groups setup for their classes. To do this, teachers find the content they want then “add to group” by clicking the chapter.


NOTE: Teachers can create groups as well as the ones that are created for them. this may be great for having BONUS extension material sent to students that are ahead but not overwhelming the rest of the class.
NOTE: Also a whole text can be added to a library or group too:



In Summary:

The support at LearningField is second to none and the development of their product has been sound with constant improvements coming about. The back end management is getting much easier with an admin panel just about to be launched and single sign-on is on the cards so that schools can use existing logins to use the service.


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