The concept for LearningShared.com.au is for it to be a website where ideas and strategies on learning are shared. A number of staff have content that they look forward to sharing and we are collecting these options together.

In its initial stages the site has more of a Learning Technologies (ICT) feel. This content is also grounded in using the technology so that learning is enhanced and enriched but it is not the sole purpose of the blog.

We look forward to building on this whole section of the website and encourage you to visit us again soon to watch it take form.

In The Meantime:

Check out the learning technologies content exploring the use of ICT tools and ideas for learning.

The content on teaching with technology is also a good collation on a few ideas for embracing technology appropriately in the classroom and managing students and classes effectively. This includes options for mobility in the classroom.

Please visit again soon and keep us in check!

We would love to hear your thoughts . . ...