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iPads offer true mobility along with the “convergence” of amazing tools on one device. They are seriously amazing devices and are powerful for learning once their potential is realised. iPads also bring real challenges that need to be addressed in the process so that the positives outweigh the negatives. This focus area of the site is trying to cover ground on how to use iPads as well as recommending some strategies for how iPads (and technology) can be managed better in class.

The content continues to grow and we will keep adding to it organically as we build content.

Embedding iPad Skills and Focuses:

What should be the focuses and skills worked on to allow the enriching and enhancing of learning with iPads? This page looks at what can be done with iPads and then how to embed this into our learning. Go to the  Embedding iPad Skills and focuses page for more.

Content Creation with iPads:

Initially, iPads were thought of as content consumption devices and while that was the case early on, that statement could not be further from the truth today. The iPad Skills and Focuses document highlights this fact as it explores some of the content that can be created with iPads.

Some specific examples include:

Teaching with iPads:

  • iPads are just one form of technology check some of our thoughts for teaching with technology.
  • Mobility allows a presenter to move around the room while projecting wirelessly and hence be a stronger presence in the room. Wirelessly Airplaying iPads is a particularly powerful option covered in the Mobility page.
  • AirDrop is a fantastic way of sharing content across Apple devices. Read more about it’s use and management in the classroom.

Access and Usage of iPads:

There are a number of apps and tools that work nicely on the iPad and enhance the experience.


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