Recording your iPad Screen

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Recording your iPad screen – easy as!
Watch this tutorial for what you can do and how! Whoohoo!
NOTE: if you have trouble with the audio not playing back when uploaded then read below the video.

NOTE ARGHHHH! at the time of recording, there is still sometimes a glitch with the audio of the recording when shared or when editing the video in iMovie or similar. This is because the microphone is recorded on Audio Layer 2. Audio from other apps is on the normal audio layer.


a solution from a forum: Hopefully it will be fixed soon.
– After you record a screen video with voiceover, turn mic recording OFF again, rerecord your screen again with the video playing and it will have the audio. Forum link.

A further workaround for this is to flatten your recording at the same picture quality with an app like greenscreen by doink. Just drop the video in resize it to all fit in the window and then save it back to the camera roll (I know it is crazy but it is then editable) PS you may like to add a green screen layer while you are there hehe!

School NOTE: uploads to OneDrive are fine. Uploads to Schoology are fine


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