iPad Scope and Sequence

Initially we had the skills and focusses set up as a scope and sequence but we have since agreed that the order is not important and it is not really a scope and sequence so the page has instead be rebuilt as the iPads Skills and Focuses page.

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  1. Ong

    Thank you so much for these ideas. We are about to issue our senior students with iPads after summer break. We’ve planned, trained teachers, discussed and debated in preparation. Your reflections are very timely, and will be a great help. I notice you have a Google Education environment. Have you seen the Teacher’s Dashboard? dashboard-for-google-apps/teacher-dashboard-tour We have been using it at DBIS for the last six and think it’s a brilliant way to manage all the student’s documents, mail etc. Viv Hall

  2. Rolfe Kolbe

    Thanks Viv, Rolling out the Scope and Sequence has been really exciting. The response from the students in year 7 has been great and we work with years 5 and 6 next week. We look forward to refining it over the year and giving examples of work in each stage. Stay Tuned!
    Kind Regards, Rolfe
    PS We have realised it is more of an iPad focuses and skills progression
    PPS I have done lots previously with Google Apps for education but we don’t have them yet as Office365 had been rolled out. I must say that I have been very impressed with Office365 with iPads! There is a place for Office and Google!

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