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The iMovie app on iDevices is super easy to use. It can be used for a quick throw together of images, video, and audio through to being able to create some pretty awesome outcomes. The iMovie app continues to get better with each iteration.

NOTE: Be sure to read the “tips and tricks” section below if you are already a power user!

This page will explore ways that iMovie APP can be used for learning along with a tutorial, tips and tricks and ideas for creating better iMovies with some power moves!

Using iMovie for learning?

  • Record an event or excursion with video, photos, titles and narration
  • Explain an Experiment or activity and keep a record
  • Act out a script or piece of writing
  • Make an narrated slideshow
  • Use other apps to create content and pull them all together with iMovie

A Tutorial:

This is a base tutorial to get you started with using iMovie.

Tips and Tricks:

  • The BIGEST┬átip is to click on elements then explore the menus around them as there is a plethora of options ready to be explored and trialled.
  • Create Graphics in other apps as your title pages instead of being limited to the title options.
  • POWER TIP1! Get rid of Ken Burns effect (you know the zooming in and out thing that was cool the first 30 or 40 times you saw it!) by creating a graphic and then make the start and finish points the same so there is no zooming. A great way to do this is in Keynote.
    1. create a 16:9 keynote slide lay your elements out as you like
    2. go to present mode and screenshot your screen
    3. edit your image by going to crop and choose 16:9
    4. drop your image into iMovie and pinch the graphic from outside in at the start and finish of the grphic in the timeline. VOILA!
  • POWER TIP2! Don’t be limited by the theme music (that you will really let yourself down by using!) Create your own unique piece in garageband or another music app and “Open in” iMovie to mae it your track. No copyright infringement and personalised! Whoohoo!

Ideas and Feedback:

Please add a comment at the bottom if you have any further ideas or feedback.

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