Appropriate and authentic use of technology in learning is always a challenge. When done right, technology can enhance and enrich learning and improve results in the process. Teaching with technology is difficult at times but it needs to be embraced. So what are some ways to do this? What can be achieved? And how does it differ for different stages?

What does technology bring to the learning experience?

Technology enhances and enriches learning in so many ways. The following are some broad groupings.


Technology use at different stages: UNDER CONSTRUCTION 31/05/17

Authentic use of technology looks different at each stage varies. Some tasks are more appropriate for some stages than others and more focus or time can be allocated at some stages than others. This is very general and many schools have successfully done much more in each stage but this is the list of things that should be covered by all schools. Things like coding and more technical skills should also be incorporated in as appropriate. Digital Citizenship and associated content should also be incorporated in all areas of the curriculum and life of the school.

A great resource with NSW context
and ACARA context

Great ICT focuses for Stage 1 and Early Stage 1: Years K-2

Exploring, Investigation, Inquiry

Content Creation

Great ICT focuses for Stage 2: Years 3-4

Exploring, Investigation, Inquiry, Research

Content Creation

Storage and Access



Great ICT focuses for Stage 3: Years 5-6

Exploring, Investigation, Inquiry, Research

Content Creation

Storage, access, sharing, collaboration

Great ICT focuses for Stages 4and 5: Years 7-10

Exploring and Investigation

Content Creation

Storage, access, sharing, collaboration

Great ICT focuses for Stage 5 – 6: Years 10-12

Realistically at this stage the time constraints are far greater. While the use of technology should not be mutually exclusive to the work being done it does need to be thought out carefully as time does become more critical. The biggest focuses that need to be

ICT Integration for different Subjects: UNDER CONSTRUCTION 31/05/17

There is a lot of overlap with all subjects with ways that Technology is used but there are also a number of subject specific uses and applications. We hope to pull together content for each subject here:

Technology Use in Mathematics

Teaching with Technology:

  • Teaching With Technology: So what are some ways that the tables can be turned so that the positives of having technology in the classroom can be realised.
  • Mobility in the classroom makes such a change! Check the options for Mobility with wireless projection here.




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