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iCloud is a complicated beast at times but also pretty cool! This page will explore:

  • what is iCloud?
  • backup and restore
  • managing backups (what about when you are out of space!
  • Our 3 min video overview!

What is iCloud?:

iCloud is cloud storage but  also allows you to work with up to date versions of content across iDevices for many apps or online with pages, keynote and numbers. iCloud also allows sharing of info with family and friends AND it allows you to track your device if it is lost by logging in to icloud.com. It also allows passwords and other information to be stored and accessed across devices. More at What is iCloud?

Backup and restore:

When enabled, iCloud can automatically back up your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch daily. This is important as it backs up but also because it means you can use your iCloud backup to restore your device (or start up a new one)

Managing iCloud Backups:

Running out of iCloud space is common (especially in schools!) Our 3min video below explains how you can manage your iCloud?

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