This page will explore the concept of ”googling” and the potential pitfalls for our Junior students. While the page is targeted at Junior School the content is also relevant for Middle and High school teachers and students.

Why Google?

Google has some amazing capabilities beyond just a search engine, although among our junior students “googling” something is often more harmful than expected. Google is a great tool for guided research and to access the many tools and functions it offers, e.g. A Google A Day. As part of our Digital Citizenship and Academic Honesty programs, students will learn about various and effective searching techniques in order to obtain information suitable to their age and topic of interest.


“Google This”

Often as teachers we are time poor and pose the statement to our students – “google this” or ”ask google” this becomes a problem both at school and in the home environment for our students, in particular, Junior school students. While we can place filters on internet connections at times these can let some web content through the gap. Not only does this pose risk to students accessing inappropriate data it also opens up a door for students to become distracted and off task.

The Learning Technologies team recommend that you find ways to still challenge students and explore research techniques but by using more stable platforms. Below are some examples of diverting the “googlng” in the classroom. As this page develops we will continue to add to the section below with pages with specific instructions and how to guides.

  • Directly send students to the website you wish to visit by posting a link of schoology or a QR code in the classroom. Learn how to make QR codes here
  • Create a Pearl Trees folder for your class to house research articles or commonly used websites – ask the learning technologies team or the research librarians to help you set this up for your class, faculty or for personal use.
  • Create a shared (cloud storage) folder to share images with students instead of asking students to google images


In the coming weeks, we will develop this page with examples already being displayed in both Junior and Senior classes. Keep an eye on this page which will have links through to how to guides.

If you have an activity which you have successfully used in your classroom to avoid ”googling” tell us about it by commenting below.