by | Jun 5, 2017

Formative goformative.com is a fantastic formative assessment tool, particularly where written solutions are preferred. A teacher can see the results live and give feedback as required. There are a number of question types including written answers, typed and self marking Questions can. NOTE: written answers can be on a blank slide of writing over the top of an image that sits as the background.

Students sign in to their account (they can sign in with Google if you have Google accounts) then they join your class with the code and they can do the assigned questions.

It works particularly well for content that requires written solutions, working out or diagrams. Feedback from teachers is very easy with a slide bar and a text area if you wish as well.

I used goformative today for the first time after it was recommended in a staff meeting by Rebecca Collett and WOW! This thing has legs!

Rolfe Kolbe

Check out the screenshots below with some teacher and student screens from Mathematics and Languages. Click on one photo to move through the gallery.

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