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Geogebra is a fantastic free tool for investigations and interactions with Geometry. It takes a little while to master and to create great content but the potential is amazing. Finished Geogebra files are particularly good for users to interact with and make note of observations.The Geogebra community is huge with lots of people contributing quality content. Geogebra files can be shared and embedded like the one below.

Geogebra works in the browser or in an app and accounts are free and can be logged into with all types of existing accounts. Further tips and tricks with using Geogebra will eventually be added here but for now here is an example of an embedded file to explore some applications of Locus. Have fun!

A Locus example of an embedded Geogebra file:

An initial explore of Locus as the movement of a point under certain constraints.
Looking at a movable point moving equidistant from a fixed point.
A movable point moving so that it is always equidistant from two fixed points.
A point moving so that the distance from one fixed point plus the distance to another fixed point is always the same. It should be enough to get the Locus appetite going!

MORE CONTENT TO COME including tips, tricks and resources.

For now have a look at some of these neat examples.