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Garageband is an amazing app for creating music an audio and it talks to iMovie and other apps nicely as well. There are great applications for Garageband in many areas including creating:
– original music backing tracks.
– layered and well edited audio content including background recordings and music with narration.

The power of the app is amazing and while we wait for some content to fill this page you may like to check out this example of the Stranger Things soundtrack created using the GarageBand iPad app. It is truly incredible what is possible.

The screen recording is of the iPad screen while recreating the track. It took about an hour and a half in the holidays but we were learning as we did it! I have also added the link to the SoundCloud version of our recording at the bottom.

The idea was to encourage others to create their own 80s themed piece of music. It was exciting as each part came about and we learned a lot in the process.┬áNext up is to create something original. Note the recording was done with screen recording on the┬áiPad – Check here for more.


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