Formative Assessment Tools

by | Sep 9, 2015

All those activities undertaken by teachers/and or students, which provide information to be used as feedback to modify the teaching and learning activities in which they are engaged.

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Why use Formative Assessment in the classroom?

There are many reasons why teachers/and or students use formative assessment in the classroom:

  • Helps you determine a students understanding of lesson content
  • Assessment is ‘for’ learning rather than ‘of’ learning
  • Students generally prefer assessment ‘of’ learning as it is less stressful and can be more engaging
  • Encourages involvement from all students
  • Can be used to assess prior or background knowledge of students
  • Reflection of evidence/data collected can allow teachers to identify gaps in their teaching and learning programs and practices

Why use technology for Formative Assessment?

When used correctly and timely technology has the power to engage and entertain our students. There are many ways in which we can assess students, in particular formative assessment. As technology integration in the classroom increases more and more options for formative assessment tools will become available for use. Technology allows the use of singular or multiple devices to engage students in exciting assessment methods while providing teachers with on-time, live data. This is so crucial, as due to technology we can assess our students current understanding of course content without having to physically pick up a pen and paper to mark tests!

Formative Assessment Tools


Plickers is a powerful formative assessment tool that allows you to collect data without students devices. Using the Plickers website you can create Plickers cards, set up your classes and library with questions. The Plickers cards are discreet so students cannot see what answers other students are giving. This not only stops students from cheating but allows students to feel confident contributing to class answers.

Click here to explore how to integrate Plickers in your classroom.


KAHOOT is a game based, blended formative assessment tool. KAHOOT allows both teachers and students to research, create, collaborate and share knowledge. It gives students a voice in the classroom, and allows educators to engage and focus their students through play and creativity. Teachers and students can create a game by accessing the KAHOOT website. To take part in a KAHOOT students visit the game page.

Click here to explore how to integrate Kahoot into your classroom.

Today’s Meet

TodaysMeet is a tool that can be used superbly in the classroom and beyond to enable new activities, collect thoughts and insights running beside a presentation. It is like Twitter but no accounts are needed making it instant and accessible. It can also be more confined than Twitter and there are tools for managing the chat room.

To see how Today’s Meet has been used on a large scale click here.

Tools that also tick other boxes are worth exploring further so let’s have a look at a couple that also builds on Soft Skills.


This is a bit of more a newie. It is superb! I look forward to using this more but for now, some details and information can be read on our GoFformative page:

Quizlet and Quizlet LIVE:

Tools like Quizlet are superb with so many quizzes already created that you can use but particularly harnessing Quizlet Live which also builds on soft skills with students in making them move into groups and communicate in the group while competing against others is pretty cool. Check out the review and overview of Quizlet and Quizlet live at 



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