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by | May 20, 2015

When it comes to content creation on iDevices, Explain Everything APP is the boss! You can add narration, annotation and interaction while recording your screen. Used well, it is a lot easier that screencasting on a computer, as you can do your work in digestible chunks and mistakes can be fixed easily. It is also more versatile.

The power and options for Explain Everything are immense. Creating content quickly within one lesson is very doable! Read on, read on!

This page will explore ways that Explain Everything can be used for learning along with a tutorial, tips and tricks and ideas!

Using Explain Everything for Learning?

  • Add narration, annotation and interaction to existing documents like PowerPoints, images or screenshots. Bringing slideshows to life!
  • Use the pen tool to bring subjects like maths into the spotlight
  • Share a project!!! Get a project started with slides and other resources and share it with a group for them to personalise without having to start from scratch!!! *recommended! TIP: to get rid of a recording on a slide, duplicate the slide without recordings!
  • Try a collaborative Presentation! Create some slides from a PowerPoint or screenshots get members to tell you what is going on and then record them for individual slides. Voila – personalised summary videos! eg Surface area of Prisms
  • The world is your oyster! Put your imagination to play for more ideas! Check the tips and tricks below for some things that may really bring your presentation to life.

A Tutorial:

We are creating a new tutorial video, but we know you want to get right into it so here goes. It will help to really get off the ground!

Tips, Tricks and Techniques: RECOMMENDED READING!

There are a number of tips and tricks outlined in the tutorial video, but here are some ideas for making Explain Everything hum!

  • Get familiar with:
    • your tools and options – Try everything out! – Hold down on tools to see more options. (avoid the dreaded Light Saber sword in laser pointers!)
    • options in settings on the “projects” home page including widescreen, mic mute, toolbar options, output settings, times per slide etc etc!
    • the recording options – rerecord over the whole slide or a bit of a slide. Arrange or lock interactions and recordings on a slide
    • the “i” button for arranging and locking (heaps of options here) copying pasting etc for the element that is selected
    • the slide arranging thingo to move where you want or copy and move slides in your timeline
  • ** Use images with transparent backgrounds (or edit them in EE to choose which bit you want) then use your new “Puppet” characters to add great interaction.
  • ** Annotating live while recording is hard – Pause, annotate then continue recording again works well and keeps videos shorter!
  • Use headphones with microphone if you don’t want to hear yourself tapping the screen
  • Embed a video and record your interactions with it! Crazy options here! Pause, explain, play etc etc HINT: Mute your microphone if recording over an embedded video to stop the echo. (do this in the settings on the “project” page)
  • Record your interactions with a website!!! Tip: click the address bar to activate the site to interact with it.
  • ** Widescreen!! Change to widescreen with guides in the settings on the project page for a professional outcome.
  • Options to open or save to “cloud” storages open up so many possibilities for what can be opened in EE or where you can save your finished product or project!
  • ** Sharing a project via some storage bucket allows you to share it so others can “open in” Explain Everything and edit and personalise it as their own!
  • Stay up to date! great options keep coming! Get to know them by reading your app updates when they come.
  • Gold, Gold, Gold! Check out ideas from the owner http://www.morriscooke.com/applications-ios/explain-everything-2 
  • Leave time to render especially with a class. You need to leave your device while it does this and it can take a while.

This is highlighting that we maybe need an Explain Everything and beyond page!!! So much fun to be had here as we highlight some of the stuff that can be done. Stay tuned! Eg how to make science videos where your tools are isolated with transparent backgrounds Did I say Stay Tuned!

In Summary:

Explain Everything is seriously awesome and powerful. It is up there as the number one app at this stage for content creation on iPads.  It is also available on Google Play, Windows Store, and Chrome Web Store. Check http://explaineverything.com/ for more and GET IT! Their collaborative whiteboard is also worth a good look!

Critique and Feedback Cycle:

The fact that it is so easy to go back and refine a video really brings critique and feedback into play. The power of this in learning is huge! Check out this great little video that highlights the power of critique and feedback – Austin’s Butterfly (this is the sort of stuff teachers love!!!)

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  1. Dominique Haynes

    Have used Explain Everything for both Music and Mandarin. The kids really love watching tutorial videos outside of the classroom to assist them with homework. It’s perfect for a flipped approach to learning, homework, extension of capable students and assistance for those who need it.

    Lots of different features but the best is the ability to narrate your work and draw on it to exemplify something. Something that could take 10 minutes to explain in a classroom setting due to interruptions (behaviour or otherwise!) can be simply said in a three minute video.

    Check out my YouTube channel here to see more. This video is explaining the concepts of music (pitch) to my Year 10 Elective music students. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=isLzUqxjv9s

    • Rolfe Kolbe

      Great Stuff Dom. Yes certainly the simplicity of creating great content like this now is awesome. Sharing an existing presentation with students in the form of a powerpoint or even as an Explain Everything project and asking them to add their narration and interaction also works really well. Learning from teaching! Nice video and thanks for the example and ideas.


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