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A 30 Minute presentation given to SACS staff on Technology and Differentiation!
Presentation Embedded below Link to pdf link to presentation Printable as A3 Poster in Landscape!
Thanks to: 
– Michael Hilkemeijer for linkedin.com/pulse/differentiation-learning-ict-michael-hilkemeijer
– Heidi Raki rakisradresources.com/about-me.html for blog.whooosreading.org/10-ways-to-differentiate-instruction-with-technology/
For references to kick start the presentation!

Other links referred to in the poster below:

One Neat example:
Further through on learning by Creating Content: learningshared.com.au/content-creation
The power of Critique and Feedback: learningshared.com.au/critique-and-feedback
A differentiated explanation videos concept: learningshared.com.au/differentiation-video-creation
Super Simple Solutions: 
Creating video with PowerPoint: learningshared.com.au/powerpoint-for-video
Powerful and easy screen Recording on iPad learningshared.com.au/ipad-screen-record
Explain Everything sharing and working on projects: learningshared.com.au/sharing-explain-everything-projects


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