Differentiation with Video Creation

Differentiation by creating explanation videos:

Creating short clips is powerful, accessible and easy. It can turn the student into a teacher and helps develop soft skills including communication skills as they demonstrate their understanding of the content. Created content can then also be used in a number of ways including peer tutoring and personalised flipped content with the corrected work.

A really neat example is by easily “Differentiating the experience”. Giving graded problems including applications and extensions of the work for students to choose their poison and show their learning. Starting with a project like an Explain Everything project (or even a PowerPoint) of graded content giving the choice of the topic focus in essence, creates mini differentiated projects. Sharing the videos via a discussion board can allow the weaker students to benefit from peer tutoring as well as having the opportunity to show where they got to. Constructive critiquing for improvement and feedback can also be a sustainable and powerful device. (See below)

There are heaps of other types of content you can create to achieve these same goals but video is a great mode as it is actually really easy to do. Three focus areas are below to highlight some simple ways of creating some pretty awesome content.

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