Creating eBooks


eBook format of books (called .epub format) is common today and a great way of presenting work and consuming an end product. The cool part is that creating eBooks is easy. eBooks can have text, audio, images, links and video built in. Some options for creating eBooks allow the book to be saved as a video as well!

eBooks for Learning!?

  • Submit media and content rich work
  • collate resources into a digestible resource for mobile devices
  • write a book or graphic Novel

Tools for Creating eBooks.

There are a number of ways of creating eBooks with options for creating with software, online and with apps. This page will focus on some simple free options. NOTE: some options work across devices.

On an iPad: creating eBooks on an iPad is a great experience. There are a number of apps that allow powerful, flexible books to be created and shared. After extensive testing, Book Creator App has come out trumps! Check out our tried and tested Book Creator Page here. NOTE: Book Creator is also an Android app and Windows App check for more

On a Mac (or eBooks can be made in” Pages” where the end product is saved as an .ePub. This is great for text based books but a bit weak for media rich books. NOTE: if you have an AppleID then you can do this online on any computer at

Online: there are a plethora of online resources for creating eBooks. If you have any great options we would love to hear from you in the comments area and we will reference you.

A Note on iBooks, iBooks Author and iTunesU:

There is some seriously powerful stuff here! BUT, at this stage, iBooks are limited to Mac devices and can only be created on Macs with iBook Author.

Reading eBooks:

ePub format is really made for mobile devices but there are a number of webtools for reading ePubs. Again this is a section we will add to later.

In Summary:

Creating eBooks is easy with a great outcome that is perfect for mobile devices. Using Book Creator app opens a heap of other options like being able to continue editing a books when it was created in Book Creator and being able to save your book as a video! It is well worth checking out on our Book Creator page.

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